June 24, 2024

AirPods 2 still worth it? See review before buying an Apple phone | headphones

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AirPods 2 still worth it?  See review before buying an Apple phone |  headphones

You are AirPods 2 They were released before An apple In March 2019. The second generation wireless headphone has kept the successful design of the newcomer to the line, but with some technical improvements, such as the H1 chip – also present in AirPods Pro Who is among us? AirPods 3, the last one Released in October 2021. Another highly praised feature is the compatibility with siri, which allowed to control the phone through voice commands.

The model arrived in Brazil at a price of R$ 1,349 in its basic version, without a wireless recharging case. Today, the same version costs R$1,649 at the official apple store. In addition to being expensive, the specs – which do not include features such as Active Noise Cancellation And water resistance – it might be a little behind today’s headphones. Check out the technical sheet analysis of AirPods 2 And find out if the phone is worth buying the phone more than two years after its release.

Check out our AirPods 2 technical sheet analysis and see if it’s worth buying an Apple phone in 2021 – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

AirPods 2 data sheet:

  • Version: March 2019
  • Price: 1649 BRL
  • Weight: 4 grams
  • Colors: white
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Lightning
  • Battery: 5 hours (24 hours with case)
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Chip: H1

AirPods 2 look a lot like their predecessor – and their successors, too. As always, Apple has invested in a sleek, minimalist design with an all-white chassis. The earphone is small and lightweight, measuring 4cm in length, 1.6cm in width, 1.8cm in thickness and weighing 4g.

his model aural design – That is, it is not inside the ear canal. This is combined with the fact that it does not have a silicone tip, which leads to reduced sound insulation.

Another ongoing criticism of the Apple device is that it easily falls out of the ear. However, we TechTudo TestsMade with first-generation AirPods, this didn’t happen. The tool stood strong even as it shook its head, a result that must be repeated with its successors, because even the weight is the same.

AirPods 2 have a streamlined look and design of the ear – Photo: Press / Apple

Battery and charging case

AirPods 2 can play up to five hours of live music and up to three hours of talk time on a single charge, which is how long Apple tests at 50% volume. A 15-minute charge lets you play up to three hours of audio or up to two hours of phone conversation. Inside the recharging case, the phone in turn plays music for 24 hours or up to 18 hours of conversation.

The case has a connector Lightning It can be recharged wirelessly through Qi . pattern, which most wireless chargers use. On the front there is an LED that shows the status of the battery, and indicates when the charge is complete.

Apple doesn’t reveal the audio specifications of the AirPods, so it’s impossible to rigorously review the datasheet in this regard. However, it can be expected that the performance will be slightly higher than that of the first generation of the phone, considering that there was an improvement in processing with the introduction of the H1 chip. According to the manufacturer, it has better sound transmission ability without hissing.

original AirPods, Tested by TechTudoProvides a light bass sound. The sound quality in general was similar to EarPodsWired model of the apple.

Apple AirPods 2 should deliver cleaner sound than its predecessor, while maintaining light bass – Image: Disclosure/Apple

AirPods 2 can be activated with the “What’s up, Siri?” voice command. , in the same way as AirPods 3 and Pro. In practice, this means that the user can speak directly, without having to tap the phone, as before in the first generation.

It also has an audio sharing feature, a feature that allows you to listen to content with another person. Everyone needs a pair of AirPods and can control the volume independently.

Other features found on current models, however, are not part of the second generation. This absence includes active noise cancellation, water and sweat resistance, spatial sound and dynamic head tracking, which creates a more immersive audio environment in content (movies or music) compatible with the function.

Audio sharing is a feature of AirPods 2 – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

AirPods 2 cost R$1,649 at the official store, but can be found at national retailers with prices starting at R$995. It should be noted that the price of AirPods 3 on the Apple website is 2399 Brazilian riyals. AirPods Pro can be found By R$2,000 at Amazon and AirPods Max Priced at R$6899 at the retailer.

When compared to competing brands, the model is quite expensive, which is already to be expected for an Apple product. NS Xiaomi Air 2 SE, which features a “full” design of the AirPods and virtually identical artwork, costs R$ 145 at the official store. xiaomi.

I s JBL Flow Reflectionwho was considered Best Headphones at IFA 2019, With Prices from R $ 594. It’s part of the Reflect line, which certifies the device’s stereo sound accuracy and, like other attractive batteries with ten hours of music playback, brings Bluetooth 5.0 and IP67 certification, making it both water- and dust-resistant.

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