February 27, 2024
Alagoano Rico Melquiades wins "Vazanda 13" with 77.47% of the vote;  Marina is in fourth place

Alagoano Rico Melquiades wins “Vazanda 13” with 77.47% of the vote; Marina is in fourth place

Rico Melquiades is the biggest winner and won the 1.5 million R$ prize in “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV). The pawn was the most voted and received 77.47% of the vote. Bil Araújo won second place, with 18.83% of the vote and drove the 0 km car. Solange Gomes came in third with 3.70% of the vote. Marina Ferrari was the least voted and was in fourth place with 2.77% of the votes.

“I’m not seriously buying it!”Alagoas celebrated. “Calada wins, Brazil! Thank God! Thanks Brazil! “.

Speaking to the winner, Adriane Galisteu played with his team. “The only thing you haven’t done is keep silent“The presenter said. Riku nodded.”Thank God, you succeededGalisteus continued.

I worked out!Rico gurgles, who then receives hugs from his former co-workers.

last field

Dynho Alves and MC Gui were the biggest winners in the last race of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV). As a prize, they were able to choose who they would face in the program’s respective fields, both of which were formed on Sunday.

Randomly, each of them was responsible for selecting one of the private gardens. Dinho Alves was the head of the second team and started the dynamic by choosing to face Rico Melquiades. He then chose Solange Gomes to compete. In the end, Sthefane Matos was left for the second field.

On the other hand, MC Gui faced his first private court alongside Marina Ferrari, Arcripiano and Alain Mineiro, and was eliminated along with the previous panic. By eliminating Dinho and Stephanie, Rico and Solange reached the final along with Arcapano and Marina.