February 26, 2024

Aliexpress announces a promotion that can be up to 90% off

AliExpress is an online shopping service that appeared in 2010. Through the platform, the customer can buy different products such as clothes, electronics, appliances, etc. The company is one of the biggest competitors to Mercado Livre and Shoppe, for example. The site started in China, but has operations in Brazil.

Like other companies in the industry, Aliexpress offers promotions in November, at the expense of Black Friday. According to the website, there are products with a 90% discount. What is new is that the promotions will not last one day, but for several days in November.

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Aliexpress offers incredible discounts of up to 90% for customers who use the platform during the month of November – Credit:jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Aliexpress announces a promotion that will last several days in November

As mentioned before, this is the Black Friday offer. But, it won’t only happen on the last Friday of November. In fact, there are 11 days of discounts, during which customers can buy products up to 90% cheaper. This is the 11 of 11 show, which started last Tuesday (1) and will run through November 12. To participate, interested parties should monitor the Aliexpress website.

Aliexpress discounts include many popular brands such as DJI and Xiaomi, for example. They are progressive and range from R$15.00 to R$150.00. In addition, the platform offers cashback of up to 5% on purchases. The practice is when the company returns a portion of the purchase money to the consumer. In other words, it acts as a kind of discount.

But the news doesn’t stop there, according to Aliexpress. The platform also announced that retailers will be able to offer more discounts, further reducing product prices. Some stores on the site want to join the free shipping. The site reported that customers can count on “extraordinary discounts”.

Aliexpress will also allow merchants to interact with the public so that customers can chat with merchants. Through a tool known as “Deal”, it will be possible to order a larger discount. On live video calls, clients will be able to contact Brazilian and international businessmen. It is possible for the product to go from R$3,000.00 to R$5.00, for example.

To participate, the interested party must register on Aliexpress through this link: https://pt.aliexpress.com/.

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What is black friday

As mentioned before, Black Friday takes place every year in November. In history, companies usually offer discounts to customers who are looking for ways to save money through promotions. besides Aliexpress, there are other companies participating in the event. In the digital sphere, there are Mercado Livre, Shoppe, Shein and others. In the physical sphere, there are Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia, Lojas Americanas, etc.

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