March 26, 2023

Allianz? Ceni says Sao Paulo is studying venues for the Paulistao quarter-finals 3 minutes.

Rogero Ceni gives instructions to the Sao Paulo players during a match against Sao Bernardo in Morumbi for Paulistao 2023Robbins Cherry /

The last round of the group stage of Paulista championship will be critical to Sao Paulo. Leading B with 20 points tied Holy waterwho is the deputy commander Sao Paulo Tricolor He’ll only know if he gets a field-driving advantage in the quarterfinals after the game against him Botafogo SPNext Sunday (5) at 4 pm (Brasilia time) at the competitor’s home.

If confirmed leading the group, Sao Paulo will have the advantage of being the leader in the knockout stage, but it still does not know where it will play, because Morumbi will not be available due to a series of performances on the field, between March 10 and 18.

After the defeat against Sao Bernardo, on Saturday (25), with a score of 1-0Coach Rogero Ceni was asked about the stadium that Sao Paulo will play in the quarter-finals, if he confirms the leadership of the group, and he mentioned some stadiums in which his team could play, including its rival Allianz Parque. Palm treesWhere there is an agreement between the two clubs on this.

“Of course we would like to play here (in Morumbi), now, the show dates have been scheduled for a long time, we already knew about the commitment, the club has to try to bill the needs it needs to try to put things always up to date for the athletes, for all the staff, everyone. It’s not what we would like in the case of Having an advantage (in field driving), but it’s something that’s known and programmed, but we’re not sure yet. First, we have to finish the tour, on Sunday, to see if we qualify first and if we have that right to control the field and choose. Do you want to play for Morombi? Of course I will. For the stadium, the conditions, the fans, the presence of the crowd, although if you analyze it for today, success is not guaranteed. But we prefer to play here because the vast majority of matches we end up winning. But if not, So first we’ll get a place, let’s try with direction, good grass selection, maybe in a smaller stadium capacity, where there will be fewer fans. But first, we have to try to beat Botafogo-SP, to ensure that advantage in the quarter-finals,” he said, during a conference. Journalist.

Regarding Allianz Parque, Ceni admitted that if the stadium was chosen by São Paulo to host the quarter-final match, the preparation would be different, because the Alviverde pitch is artificial. The coach from Sao Paulo also mentioned other places close to the capital, such as Villa Belmiro, from saints.

“It’s a different preparation (to play at Allianz). I think the agreement, I don’t know exactly, but they even provided adaptive training for the game, the day before the game. In the event that this match takes place at Allianz Park, within the lawns we have here, is Villa Belmero Park, In theory it is good turf, I don’t know the conditions in Barueri at the moment, and there is this agreement, which I don’t know how it’s been finalized, for what stage, but within the possibilities given, we will choose the best possible offer. If one possibility is Playing with Allianz, we will study and analyze to make a good choice,” he concluded.

Callery case

Substituted at the end of the first half of the match against São Bernardo, striker Jonathan Calleri reported pain in his ankle and asked to leave the field. In his place, Ceni put Pedrino on the field.

During the conference, the coach expressed his regret for the problem the Argentine was suffering from, and updated his health status.

“He asked to leave at the end of the first half, and talked about the ankle he’s been treating for some time. Just with an exam tomorrow or Monday to pass on information. Galoppo pushed us into the role, but we miss Calleri,” he concluded.

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