June 13, 2024

Alonso Wolff, Marco and Ferrari in F1 ‘controversy’ after qualifying

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Alonso Wolff, Marco and Ferrari in F1 ‘controversy’ after qualifying

A “mismatch” between Leclerc and Sainz, a “mistake” by the Maranello team, a “denial” by the Red Bull boss and a duel between Fernando and Toto Mark on Saturday.

Red Bull was once again dominant in qualifying for the World Cup finals Australian Grand Prix in Formula 1with the first place for the Dutch player Max Verstappen, but the “problem” of his Mexican companion Sergio Perez and appearance Mercedes ahead of the Spanish Aston Martin Fernando Alonsoin addition to “confusion” Ferrari In the qualifying session in Melbourne, they “stirred” the news of the first category in world motorsport at the Albert Park street circuit.

The highlight was the performance of Briton George Russell, second on the grid, and Lewis Hamilton, who finished third just ahead of his competitor from Aston, but the head of Mercedes, Toto Wolfstated that the team shouldn’t be drifting off into the “cornucopia” just yet Eligible Australian. It’s an apparent attempt by the manager to keep the Anglo-German side “feet on the ground” after a fine performance that followed a disappointing start to the year, but Alonso is “not getting carried away”.

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That’s because the Spaniard believes Mercedes’ “horrific” rhetoric at the start of the season was deliberately exaggerated. “If you read their comments, they certainly have a car that came out of Q3, but I don’t think it’s too bad. It’s not as good as Red Bull – nobody has a car close to Red Bull – but they (Mercedes) are getting better and will be vying for wins soon.”

“Last year they won a race after a good start. [de temporada] Too bad. This year they are also showing their potential”, Alonso thought in “opposition” to Mercedes’ Austrian “top hat” warning. Helmut Marko, contradicted Pérez’s justification for the incident, which caused the Taurus driver to go off the back of the grid in Australia. This is what he explained ServusTV.

For Marco, the problem was the condition of the track at the start of Q1, not the brakes on the Mexican-driven RB19: “We had a problem with the engine brake in practice three. When it came to braking, we didn’t get the setup right. Because of this, we were shaken up. Sergio’s stability, there was understeer (the car “leaves” the front), there was a “push” of the engine, but Perez’s problem was Eligible It wasn’t like training. At first the track was a bit slippery and unfortunately it ran off.”

Who also left unhappy on Australian Saturday was Charles Leclerc. Monegasque starts at #7 after “Mess” from Ferrari And a “disagreement” with fellow Spaniard Carlos Sainz, who starts fifth. Firstly , The Monaco driver said he engineered his sprint attempts into the third quarter expecting rain, but the downpour did not arrive. Therefore, he took a preliminary run before a “flying spin”, in a strategy similar to that used by Mercedes.

However, the layout did not allow for such an approach. “I didn’t have the fuel to take a quick second run. We were afraid of rain, so we decided to go out and start the turn right away. Then we have to see what happened to Carlos in Sector 1, because it was obvious I had to do a quick lap. But Carlos was right in front of me preparing his tyres. “It’s a shame,” explained Leclerc, “badasing” Maranello’s Italian team and teammate.

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