May 31, 2023

“already internally warned”; Venê Casagrande presents a last-minute decision taken by Flamengo’s Vitor Pereira


During a video posted on his private YouTube channel, the behind-the-scenes journalist revealed Vitor Pereira’s work at Flamengo.

© Photo: Playback / YouTubeVenê Casagrande presents a last-minute decision taken by Flamengo’s Vitor Pereira

Flamengo appeared in American Copa Libertadores This Wednesday (5), at 19, in front of Okasat Chilogallo Stadium. In light of this, the expectation is that the current champion of the competition will be able to play good football, something that has not been done since the arrival of the coach. Victor Pereira By order of the team. Since the beginning of the season, the Rubro-Negro team has shown ups and downs, leading to Three vices and a third.

The Portuguese commander made tests and Major cast changes with the aim of determining The perfect team for every opponent. This is because the captain does not work with a predetermined crew, but is formed according to the team he will face. This is because, according to information from the journalist Vinny Casagrande The modifications should not stop there.

The caller revealed that the coach had reached out to lovable about the working method. What for management, at that moment, is not seen as something harmful. Venê also highlighted the contrast in the work he presented Junior Dorvalwhich had a main cast and alternate cast, resulting in two major titles in 2022, America Libertadores and Copa do Brasil.

“With Vitor Pereira there will not be a specific team in the starting line-up. Vitor Pereira has already warned internally that he will rotate the team and not deal with it like: ‘This team here will be my first team and the other one will be the B team.’ As Dorival Júnior did last season Which had team A and team B. In the end, Dorival would merge there, depending on the need. But with Vitor Pereira, that wouldn’t happen. Because, in fact, Vitor Pereira would choose the team as the opponent plays “And open.