February 1, 2023

amazing! A R$1 coin can be worth more than R$10,000; See if you have one and learn how to sell it

A rare coin costing just OMR 1.00 is making waves in Brazil. Since some people may have one at home and not even know that it could be worth a fortune. Yes, a “relic” like this is worth a lot more than what it represents.

For this reason, many collectors pay very high prices just to acquire this rarity. Who knows, maybe you don’t have that metal money in your house, in your safe, in your wallet or even in your pants pocket, which has special characters on it, right?!

That is, they are of great value if they fall into the hands of a collector of this kind of thing. If you are curious to know what this important coin is, just keep reading to locate this treasure!

A rare R$1 coin can be worth up to R$10,000. Learn how to identify them.

Learn how to identify the rare 1 Brazilian Real coin that can be worth a lot of money

Casa da Moeda manufactures money in Brazil at the behest of the Central Bank (BC). Therefore, the financial entity has the habit of ordering the exclusive and limited manufacture of some copies to record moments of celebrations or commemorative dates.

In this way, these copies end up being worth more than you can imagine. In the face of the limited few copies, these models don’t work in everyone’s hands.

Therefore, collectors appreciate that these rare coins are surprisingly valuable. Therefore, it may vary Between 7 thousand and 10 thousand Brazilian reals.

But what is this coin that many collectors are looking for? It is the famous “flag delivery coin”. That is, this coin has become eternal to display the official flag card of London, which is hosting the 2012 Olympics.

However, there is great difficulty in finding it and the more time passes, the more valuable it becomes. So, if you have a copy like this at home, you can sell it for up to R$10,000.

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Know how and where to sell

Not everyone who owns this “rare treasure” knows how to sell it. Therefore, attention is needed because those identified are very demanding and sometimes observe certain requirements to validate this type of currency, such as:

  • The coin cannot be scratched;
  • The image should be sharp, clean, and free of smudges;
  • It must not contain traces of manufacturing or markings.

Faced with this, you can get more value if you take the coin The first to make an appraisal of its real value. For this, it is recommended to look for a store (virtual or physical) that specializes in this type of artifact. Or even go to cash auction houses (From the classical Greek νόμισμα – nomisma, from the Latin nomisma, which means coin).

Among the specialized stores you can access the following sites:

  • Brazil coin auctions: https://brasilmoedasleiloes.com.br/;
  • Tenor and Bellizari: https://www.tpleiloes.com.br/default.asp;
  • Brazilian Numismatic Association: https://snb.org.br/;
  • Marketplaces for advertising such as: Ebay, Mercado Livre and Enjoei.

The most used sites for selling rare coins are the first three on the list. Even the Sociedade Numismática Brasileira website is promoting a collectors’ meeting calendar, where you can sell directly to potential buyers.

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