February 27, 2024

Amazon chief explains what Prime Day will be like in Brazil; paying off

In preparation for another version of Prime Day, a kind of Black Friday by Amazon, which will take place this year between July 11 and 12, the national president of the tech giant, Daniel Mazzini, spoke to a reporter. the time About brand expectations and strategies in Brazil.

Without giving exact numbers, Mazzini guarantees that the Amazon Prime program, which was launched in the country in September 2019, has maintained a steady pace of growth, which is why he believes that this year’s Prime Day may surprise positively. With regard to actions aimed at promoting the brand at the national level, he emphasizes the approach with influencers, who bring more visibility to the company’s campaigns, and indicates the focus on national production of video, music and literature as a means of communication with the local audience.

Interview with Daniel Mazzini, President of Amazon Brazil

1. How would you rate Amazon’s performance in Brazil in recent years? Amazon’s performance in Brazil has been successful. In the past three years, we have seen significant growth. We are one of the fastest growing companies by percentage in the Brazilian market. This year in particular was a year of very good growth. We are always looking to exceed our goals. We have a large number of national partners, and currently there are fifty thousand active partner vendors. Most of them are small and medium-sized companies from all over the country. Plus, we have thousands of them already on FBA, Amazon’s logistics program. Through this program, we help sellers with the logistics of their products, from storage to delivery to the customer. We are committed to increasing the number of partner sellers who are part of the Prime program, which provides additional benefits to them and increases sales conversion.

2. Can a company become a primary partner? In order to become a Principal Partner, sellers must apply for the program. Previously, we only allowed small and medium-sized companies to participate in the Simples Nacional tax system, but now we open it to any company, as long as they are located in São Paulo, Paraná and some other states. We are gradually expanding to other countries as well. Partner Vendors are an essential part of our business, and we want more and more of them to enjoy the benefits of being a Principal Partner.

3. Regarding this year’s “peak day”, can you tell us a little bit about this event and your expectations for this year’s edition? Prime Day is an annual Amazon event where we offer discounts on a wide range of products to Prime members. I can’t reveal too many details about specific products, but we always have a good selection of products on Amazon, which are often top sellers. In addition, we will have offers in all categories, there will be tens of thousands of products at lower prices than last year. I assure that we do not want to make false promotions, we are committed to providing products with real discounts. Since Brazilian consumer response has, historically, been very positive to Prime Day, we’re excited about the expansion outlook and relationship with prior years.

4. Are there any kind of guidelines that set minimum terms and discounts for a partner seller to participate in Prime Day? We have inside guidelines for Prime Day. One relates to the participant’s obligation to offer the lowest price of the year on that date. We are following this closely so that the “half doubling” story does not happen. Another guideline is to offer discounts from previous prices. We don’t release specific numbers, because it’s part of our strategy, but I can say that we’ll have products at lower prices than at any other time of the year. Customers can look forward to thousands of discounts because we are committed to providing satisfying customer experience with competitive prices and a wide variety of products.

5. Some businesses saw online sales grow during the pandemic, but then fell off. How did Amazon get through this, too? Amazon is a company that operates online exclusively in Brazil, so we don’t have the physical part that can compensate for this slowdown that other companies are feeling. However, even with the end of the pandemic and people potentially leaving their homes, our business remains strong. We focus a lot on quality service, fast delivery and competitive prices. This has allowed us to continue to grow rapidly, even faster than e-commerce as a whole in Brazil. We are always looking for new options and ways to improve customer experience. We are even examining the possibility of offering credit and installments in some regions, of the “credit card” type, as we already do in other countries. This possibility has been explored along with the strong partnerships we have in Brazil in the field of payments. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

6. Speaking of this online world, have you invested in influencers to highlight promotions? Yes, the influencer culture is very strong in Brazil, and we’ve seen a huge increase during events like Prime Day. Influencers post promotions and products to their audience, and this generates positive results. This year we launched a feature that allows influencers to create their own Page within Amazon to focus on the products they want to sell. This partnership with influencers has worked well over the years, right from Amazon’s early days when we were only selling books.

7. Thinking of Amazon Prime as a whole, in addition to sales and distribution, there are also movie, series and music streaming services. In this field, I have also highlighted the national production. How does this contribute to the customer experience? National production is very important for us to connect with the local audience. We launch series and programs with strong cultural appeal, helping people learn about Amazon as a local company, that has a national CNPJ. We’ve invested in Amazon Studios productions in Brazil, as well as having music by Brazilian artists and books by Brazilian authors at the helm of the audience. We value national content and want to be a Brazilian company for Brazilians. Anyway, we don’t disclose specific numbers, but I can say that we have millions of Prime customers in Brazil and we’re growing every year. The launch of Amazon Prime in Brazil in September 2019 was a great success and we have seen steady growth since then.

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