February 27, 2024

Amazon conflicts with Google TV and advertises the list of free channels

Streaming users who love an entertainment experience without breaking the bank may have heard of FAST Services, an option that allows viewers to access a wide variety of content at no additional cost. The alternative is gradually reaching Brazil, but it has generated competition in this sector.

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The latest to enter the fray is Amazon, which has just launched Fire TV Channels, a completely free TV service that promises to bring channels from the NHL, Xbox and TMZ, as well as extensive travel content starting this week. See more details throughout the text.

Amazon customers will be able to watch many channels completely free of charge

In order to meet the requirements of users who want to access channels without the obligation to create an account or subscribe to additional services, the company has launched an enhanced experience that brings together all FAST content.

Users will now have access to a wide range of categories including News; sports; to cook; music; trailers. Comedy game videos and much more. This Amazon initiative aims to provide a comprehensive and diverse experience for viewers looking for free entertainment.

Everything can be accessed on FireTV devices, which will have a constant update of new channels available on the “Free” portion of the app platform. This tab is divided into categories, from which people can select what they want and watch what they choose.

The News category, for example, will deliver national channels, more than 330 options in the launch aiming to include NBC and Telemundo. Sectors such as cooking, lifestyle, and travel will also gain prominence in the free catalog.

FireTV is gaining ground in the market with 155 million viewers per month. With the success, Amazon wants to follow the trend to secure more advertisers for its platform, thus becoming a strong competitor to Roku, Google TV and YouTube, which are also investing in this sector.