June 24, 2024

América-MG vs Cruzeiro: Where to Watch Live Stream, Schedule and Line-up | Mining Championship

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América-MG vs Cruzeiro: Where to Watch Live Stream, Schedule and Line-up |  Mining Championship

Henrique Fernandes analyzes the Mineiro teams in the semi-finals

a the first show The match is broadcast all over Brazil. GE also follows the game in real time with videos of key moves and events (click here to access).

When they won the first match 2-0, the America MG He can lose the match by a maximum difference of two goals, which qualifies him for the decision. Coelho benefits from a better campaign in the first phase of the state.

Only a win by more than two goals takes Sea trip to the final of the Campeonato Mineiro. Under pressure, Paolo Pizzolano’s team also faces a fast of more than two years without defeating the opposition. Cruzeiro’s last victory was against America in Serie B, in December 2020.

Where to watch

flow: the first show (For All Brazil), with narration by Jader Rocha and commentaries by Lidio Carmona and Ricardinho

Possible lineups

America-MG – Coach: Vagner Mancini

a America MG The lineup for the first match of the semi-finals must be repeated. Defender Eder follows him from the outside. The player did not participate in the Brazil Cup duel last Tuesday and the classic last Saturday. Wellington Paulista questionable. He was out of the game against Santa Cruz due to muscle discomfort.

who is outside: Idir (in transition)

Possible team: Matheus Caviccioli. Arthur, Ricardo Silva, Maidana, and Nicholas; Ali, Juninho, Benitez, Felipe Azevedo, Matheusinho and Aloysio

Cruzeiro – Coach: Paolo Pizzolano

Cruzeiro’s coach made news on the related roster, including newly recruited Marlon and Richard. The side that has a good chance of starting the title.

Also returning to the team was Daniel Jr., who recovered from a blow to his left leg and was out for the last two games. The coach should look for a more attacking formation, he needs to win with a difference of more than two goals.

Those abroad: Neris (muscular injury to the right thigh); Wesley Gasolina (anterior cruciate ligament tear and right knee collateral ligament strain); Fernando Henrique (right knee meniscus) and Rafael Bello (muscle injury left thigh); Igor Formiga and Matheus Dafoe will also be absent.

Possible team: Rafael Cabral; Lucas Oliveira, Reinaldo, and Marlon; Neto Moura, Ian Lucas, Kiki, and William (Wallison); Nikau, Gilberto, and Wesley


  • to rule: Andre Louise Schettino Policarpo Pinto
  • Assistants: Celso Luiz da Silva and Pablo Almeida Costa
  • Fourth rule: Eric Giovanni Fernandez
  • Video Assistant Referee: Vinicius Gomez does Amaral

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