May 31, 2023
An 11-year-old boy catches a "giant fish" and breaks a world record

An 11-year-old boy catches a “giant fish” and breaks a world record

An 11-year-old British student broke the world record for the largest carp caught by a novice fisherman. Callum Petit caught a common fish weighing about 40 kilograms – only 1.81 kilograms lighter than it was – during a fishing trip with his father in Reims, France.

The record broken by the boy is even more impressive when you consider the adult record, which is 45.98 kg.

This is the seventh callum fish since he started his adventure by being active with his father, Stewart, 40. Only this time, the carp measured twice the size of their father’s personal best catch in their 30 years of fishing. It took 20 minutes for the boy to get it out, and because the water was so murky, neither he nor his father realized how big it was at first.

The fish, nicknamed Big Girl, was caught in a net and lured into a special bait used by Callum, a banana flavored English muffin made with bananas, cream and a thick caramel sauce.

Father and son had scheduled their fishing trip to France in 2020, but the virus pandemic caused it to be postponed to early May.

They were sleeping in a tent when at 6 am the motion sensor in the boy’s hammock went off with an alarm, to indicate that he had caught a fish.

Stewart told the British news site the Daily Mail that he only noticed the fish’s size when he approached the net, right next to the riverbank. Other hunters gathered around this boy to check the boy’s great achievement.

A video taken with Stewart’s GoPro camera shows the moment the boy first saw him. You can hear him say over and over again, “This is huge, Dad, this is huge.” To get the fish out of the water, the student’s father needed the help of another fisherman.

His father said, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime fish, and Calum caught it when he was eleven. I wonder where he’s going from here.” “He had a better chance of winning the lottery than catching a carp that big.”

“I couldn’t believe how big it was and my arms were really sore after that,” added the boy, who started fishing with his father from a young age. His biggest catch, he said, had previously been a 30-pound carp.