February 29, 2024

An important announcement for all Brazilians who will announce their income tax in 2023

Have you ever heard of Federal Revenue Fine Mesh? In short, this is a procedure that is triggered when a taxpayer submits their income tax return with some discrepancy and, in 2023, will return. Therefore, if you send the document and the tax authorities find any information in it that does not correspond to the data in the database, then you fall into the Fina network.

In other words, it is a more accurate analysis of the information declared in the income tax. Also, until you resolve the situation with Federal Revenue, you will not receive a refund. Therefore, before sending the document, you need to be aware of some factors. Want to know more? So, see below.

Know what it’s about. (Credit: jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec.pro.br).

Attention to the beautiful grid of Income Tax 2023

First of all, in the lines below, check out what might get you into a tax audit:

  • declaring expenses not eligible for income tax deduction in 2023;
  • declaring persons as dependents without a dependent relationship;
  • submitting income in amounts that differ from the income report;
  • Delete important data such as the receipt of any taxable income.

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How do I know if I’ve been caught in Fine Mesh?

Generally, the Federal Revenue Service notifies the taxpayer who falls within the fine grid. Notwithstanding, the taxpayer can check the status of his statement i.e. check the status of his income tax.

To do so, simply access the Federal Revenue web page or choose the agency’s application, either in https://bityli.com/zzUyuU. Thus, the citizen will be able to know if there are pending issues or discrepancies that prevent him from obtaining the reconfiguration.

In addition to these means, taxpayers can also access the Income Tax “Statement” at the Federal Revenue Service Virtual Service Center (e-CAC). However, it will be necessary to obtain the access token generated on the revenue platform, or to obtain the digital certificate generated by a licensing authority.

I got caught, now what?

If the taxpayer receives a notification from the Federal Tax Service, it is interesting to show it as soon as possible for accountability. That way, if you realize what is in dispute, or you disagree with the tax authorities, there is a way to file an objection.

A typo or undisclosed income, for example, can be fixed or corrected by the software that generates the income tax return, which also allows the corrected return to be sent.

On the other hand, those who need to file an income tax return and have not done so can also fall into the fine net. In this case, the taxpayer will receive the following notice:Failure to submit the annual amendment statement“.

Therefore, the citizen must deliver the declaration, even if it is late, and pay a minimum fine of R$165.74 and a maximum of 20% of the amount owed.