June 18, 2024

An Italian city will pay more than R$165,000 for those who move there

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An Italian city will pay more than R$165,000 for those who move there

Vila de Presicce is looking for new residents; City Hall is willing to reward people financially so that they can buy and renovate homes

Pixabay / Gunter Italy will pay to attract the populationCities in Italy offer money for people to move there

Presicce Village, at Italia, willing to pay up to €30,000 (about R$167,000 at current exchange rates) for anyone who wants to move there. Interested in attracting new residents, the city council made itself available to pay people to move to the area, buy real estate, and settle down. Despite being a beautiful place, and known as the “City of Green Gold”, the village of Presicce is hostage to a problem affecting some areas of the city. EuropeLow birth rate and abandonment of the area. To participate in this program, there are some requirements that must be followed, such as the need to become a resident of Presicce, and the purchase of a house built before 1991. With the amount to be raised, the new inhabitant must divide a part for the purchase and another for the repair. In the coming weeks, the village council is expected to post more information on their website along with applications. This is one of the other Italian cities that offer money as a bonus to people who move there. In August, Sardinia’s government approved a program that transfers 15,000 euros (about R$75,700 at current exchange rates) to anyone who moves to the region. Presicce is a medieval village with a population of nine thousand. In 2019, Acquariaca, a neighboring town, joined forces, making more public funds available for the district.

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