June 13, 2024

An unexpected message leads a couple to discover hidden rooms in their 130-year-old home

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An unexpected message leads a couple to discover hidden rooms in their 130-year-old home

Millennials Courtney and Matt uncover secret rooms, hiding places, and unimaginable cabins in their 130-year-old home. It all happened thanks to a mysterious and unexpected letter from the “last survivor” of the family that once owned the residence.

Kourtney revealed that they received a message with the buyers as the final address and revealed the story on TikTok. Maybe someone from Canada sent the letter, as the first address was from there.

The letter began with an introduction and the person identified himself as “the last surviving member of the Madison family”, the previous owner of the house, and revealed that he had grown up there. The mystery made the couple shudder when the message said that there were secret rooms in that place.

They bought the house and didn’t really know what it was about, because whoever was selling it could have deleted some of the information – as they already did. Immediately, they realized that the information about the house was not as clear as they thought.

The video on TikTok has reached more than 1 million views reporting their tour of the residence, which has a Victorian style, so that users of the platform can see the hiding places.

A TikTok couple warned against buying secret places in the house

First, they were told that a secret liquor cabinet was located above the fireplace. The place was hidden behind a mirrored panel and had 1970’s pink wine and a Carbonate Sauvignon From 1989.

After this discovery, they moved to the bathroom. They said it was the most terrifying among the others, because it really looked like a very deserted place in the attic. To them, the place looked like the kind of room the previous owners used to stay in.


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They saw a small door, still closed, opposite the bathroom. Then they discovered a large area. In it they even plan to rebuild the environment to occupy the “new” room.

Users were, of course, excited to follow up on the saga. Someone compared the experience to a kind of “treasure hunt”. The couple also revealed that they left a lot of old furniture behind so they could do everything.

It’s the kind of story you only see in a horror movie, but I’m glad that in this discovery things worked out!

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