June 14, 2024

Analysis: Rainbow Six Extraction is the type of game that matches Game Pass

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Analysis: Rainbow Six Extraction is the type of game that matches Game Pass

Rainbow Six Extraction is a very fun game, but it depends on your expectations for it. If you’re thinking of a “triple A” game with content that will keep you for hundreds of hours or more, I warn you, frustration is what awaits you. Now, if you download the game in the spirit of “Look at this game featured in Game Pass” and play a few scattered rounds with friends or even alone, it can be, yes, a good choice.

Extraction stands out for its more tactical and tactical proposal

I loved the game because it fulfills a very specific requirement of mine: a faster, more tactical, and challenging FPS. It is forbidden to slide in the environment and shoot all the enemies while the map is running at a frantic pace. Extraction is “death in reverse”, you need to accurately “shoot” the environment, identify enemies, eliminate priority targets, and if things go wrong, be more organized to retreat or advance as fast as you can while spending the least amount of time.Resources Or keep the maximum health points of the factors.

The game starts from the Rainbow Six Siege customer base, but you don’t have to play Siege to enjoy it. There are definitely benefits from playing the competitive game before falling into extraction, such as knowing the abilities of each of the agents, as well as learning about Siege’s mechanics and gameplay.

The gameplay in Siege is very well used in this game

And for me, that’s the most important thing about the game. With all the gameplay elements “ported” from Siege to Extraction, the game has a powerful and complex gameplay, full of strategy possibilities, whether using more offensive weapons, support or even resources like destroying parts of the map to get more locations. Tactics or unlock new ways. Moreover, it has got some engine upgrades, which is especially noticeable in the good graphics of the game.

Players go on missions with up to three people on raids across maps that have been taken over by aliens. Objectives on the map, spawn and extraction points, positions, and enemy types are randomly generated, making each round different from the previous one. Upon completing a map mission successfully or even failing, players can request to extract the field, finish the mission, or advance to the next part of the map.

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This extraction mechanism is the soul of the game and is responsible for the most exciting elements of the title. Players keep the ammo and health of the previous part, that is, bad results in the previous part can completely hinder the completion of the next task. In this case, players constantly need to evaluate opportunities, decide whether it is worth moving on to the next mission – which will bring greater rewards – or whether it is better to head to the extraction area.

The need to balance risk and opportunity throughout the mission is the most exciting and fun component of extraction.

In addition to greatly reducing the accumulated experience, agents who die in action become a DEA (missing in action), and are not available to the player until they perform a rescue in another raid. This element is what adds excitement to the rounds, especially if you are on the verge of losing one of your best clients both in the experience accumulated and in the usefulness of the tools he has. It also creates situations where other players can decide whether to go there to pick up the fallen friend, thus avoiding being a DEA, or if it is better to order the extraction and prevent another agent from becoming unavailable.

Despite all this, the mechanism of generating random phases has its limitations. After a few raids, even with random targets and enemies, the game begins to repeat. That’s because exploring the map is part of the challenge, and as you master it, it becomes less interesting. There are a total of 13 different objectives and 12 maps, so you eventually start repeating when you play enough rounds to exhaust the novelties this arrangement can generate.

The gameplay is very satisfying for those who like to be precise. By exploring the map and locating enemies, you greatly increase the chance of killing more aliens without alerting others. This greatly rewards the player for reducing the risk of losing health in clashes and saving resources such as ammo.

After a while, the game stops introducing new features and even randomly picking items within the level

Speaking of aliens, if you alert the nest, things get really complicated. In addition to the aliens all converging on their positions, the hives constantly start making new enemies. This creates scope for a decisive decision: run away and demand the extraction, or come fast and destroy the beehives, this is the only way to end the endlessly regenerating hordes.

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These decisions involve critical communication between players, and at this point it’s easy to get lost in the whole experience depending on who your allies are. It is definitely necessary to play with other players who enjoy this experienced and tactical experience, otherwise the game can get frustrating for everyone quickly, with failure after failure.

One of the things I didn’t like was missing out on the opportunity to expand on the Rainbow Six lore. Even Siege PvP, which doesn’t have much room for it, still contains character descriptions and even indications of their relationship. Extracting was the perfect time to dig into this, but the game is limited to very short scenes and very superficial work on operators. The plot is also there to provide minimal support for this game, which is not very interesting.

Extraction missed the opportunity to delve into the traditions of Rainbow Six agents

With a little plot, Rainbow Six Extraction relies exclusively on the quality of the gameplay, and this is enough for the game, in my opinion. The gameplay is quite satisfying, especially in the risk-benefit decisions of each raid, and the variety of maps and challenges are enough for several hours of gameplay before you lose the regeneration factor.

But that doesn’t seem enough to justify buying the full game. The R$150 fee on the multi-platform is more attractive considering the Buddy Pass, which makes it possible to invite two other friends to access the full game for 14 days. During this period, you can even exhaust the contents, playing with a certain frequency. But on Game Pass, this game has its greatest potential. Without the obligation to bring content to those who paid full price for the game and it’s more like a game to enjoy occasionally with friends or even on my own – I really enjoyed playing solo, the game works really well that way too – it can also be a lot of fun.

Rainbow Six Extraction is available on PC, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and 5, and on streaming platforms Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. It will also be available on Game Pass at launch.

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SIM card
R6 Extraction is a very challenging and tactical FPS game, but it only pays off for those who subscribe to Ubisoft+ or Game Pass
Good graphics and good ambiance

Excellent tactical gameplay

Extractions lead to difficult decisions

little content

Missions become repetitive

A little explored plot

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