February 28, 2024
Anderson Leonardo, from Moligo, has been diagnosed with cancer

Anderson Leonardo, from Moligo, has been diagnosed with cancer

Anderson Leonardo, the singer of the Moligo band, announced, Thursday, that he has cancer, at the age of fifty. The musician himself was announced on social media.

“To friends, fans and contractors, we inform you that our singer Anderson Leonardo, after a series of tests, has been diagnosed with a mysterious primary tumor (cancer), is already undergoing treatment and makes it clear that all commitments and agenda with Grupo Molejo will be kept,” the statement informed.

The tumor was diagnosed by both the singer and the group pagoda. In the post, the musician was asked to go through this new phase.

Furthermore, the ad added that Anderson Leonardo will continue his touring routine. The famous man hopes to continue to delight the audience as he has since the beginning of his career Song.

“Anderson Leonardo counts on everyone’s support and prayers and reiterates that he is waiting for you at the performances, and he bears all the respect and joy that he has always done throughout his 35 years of career, and any news of his paintings, we will inform you here. We counted on everyone’s prayer and respect,” the statement concluded.

Anderson’s arguments with Leonardo

This year, Anderson accused Leonardo of harassment by Solange Gomez. According to former Banheira do Gugu, the group member Molejo got her hand inside a bikini and thought it was best not to complain about the production for fear of getting kicked out.

He recalls on Papaggio’s podcast, the speaker, introducing Sergio Malandro and Renato Rabello.

Last year, a young artist accused rape. With the allegations, Anderson denied Leonardo, and said in a police statement, that he had consensual sex with the man. With the case revealed, the celebrity requested compensation at the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice (TJRJ), but the request was denied by Judge Ana Paola Azevedo Gomez.