June 29, 2022
Andressa Urach returned to church with her husband, Thiago Lopez

Andressa Urach returned to church with her husband, Thiago Lopez

A few weeks after he announced that he had remarried Thiago LopezAndressa Urach has now announced that she is returning to church with her husband.

former participant infarm“Tell the news through Stories on Instagram.” Yesterday was a very special day, as my husband and I were baptized. I want to make it clear that I do not agree with Holy Fire and I also do not like some of the people who lead Universal, but as I know that Bishop Guaracy and Mrs. Thais are God’s people, I will return to the bishop’s meetings with my husband.”

Urach explained that he only attended the meetings again because of the bishop and that he was working on “forgiveness.”

Andressa Urach announces return to church

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Yes, I am working on forgiveness because I need God’s forgiveness. I am a failure, realizing my sins and my mistakes and I am what I am now. I realize that I really need Jesus, especially to make my marriage and family work.. Andressa Urach

Ms. Pat’s deputy thanked everyone who cheered for her and her husband.

“I appreciate prayer and those who support us. I was so happy for God’s mercy on me, I’m glad I had time to repent, baptize me and start from scratch again. Thank you, I love fighting for us!”