March 23, 2023
Andressa Urach's mother criticizes her son-in-law's statements about the influencer's hospitalization

Andressa Urach’s mother criticizes her son-in-law’s statements about the influencer’s hospitalization

Thiago Lopez, the ex-model’s husband, published a video announcing that Urach had been hospitalized after “psychotic delirium”.

November 14th
– 11:11 p.m

(updated at 11:14 p.m.)

Andressa Urach's mother refutes her son-in-law's statements on social media

Andressa Urach’s mother refutes her son-in-law’s statements on social media

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Influencer’s mother Andressa Urach She took to social media to report her daughter’s hospitalization and to refute the statements of her son-in-law, Thiago Lopez, About the state of health of the previous model🇧🇷 In a video posted to Instagram, Marisette de Faverie “When you give your copy, also tell the reason,” he wrote to Lopez, referring to a video he posted about Andressa’s hospitalization.

“It’s easy to say she’s afraid… It’s hard for you to tell the truth! She got scared because you lied, cheated, and played with her. When you give your copy, say why too,” Marisete posted. Last Sunday, the 13th, Thiago said in a video posted on his YouTube channel that Andressa had a psychotic break and even put his life and the life of the couple’s 9-month-old son, Leon, in danger.

Lopez said in the video: “Two weeks ago, Andressa was admitted, who is in the psychiatric ward of a hospital because two weeks ago she had a mystical psychotic delirium. This is what the doctor said immediately upon receiving her in the hospital.” .

Last Tuesday, the eighth of this month, Marissette published a statement informing her of her daughter’s health condition and her removal from social life. “Businesswoman Andressa Urach, through her family members, announces her temporary medical leave from her professional activities, due to a health problem that currently requires full attention. In compliance with this decision, she will remain at rest and receive treatment, until she has fully recovered health “

But the post did not explain why the previous model was removed. Marisete also asked for understanding and prayers from Andressa’s fans, friends, and followers.

understand the situation

Andressa Urach was hospitalized for two weeks in a psychiatric clinic after an outbreak, during which she would have threatened to sacrifice her son in religious offerings, the influencer’s husband has revealed.

According to Lopez, a psychotic break is not a diagnosis, “but that’s what the doctor mentioned when Andressa got to the hospital and there was still a certain disconnect from reality.”

He also reported that, as of now, the former Fazenda has no expectations of discharge and that the medical team is administering medication, looking for improvement.

“It is important for me to say that, in addition to the dividing line that Andressa was already diagnosed with, these other conditions arose, which still lacks a final word from the medical team as to what it is about,” he added.

After information about Andressa’s health condition, Thiago Lopez revealed that he is opening a divorce process from the influencer.

“It’s not easy to maintain a marriage like that. You have to put in a lot of effort. With the limit, it was really hard, now that these new problems have come up, even Andressa’s social relationship is useless, imagine marriage,” he said.

He revealed, “And that’s why I’m filing for Andressa’s divorce, with a request for custody of Leon, for good reason. I was able to record most of the things that happened during Andressa’s psychotic break.”

Watch the video that Thiago posted in full:

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