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Anfisa says Argentines lied to enter Brazil qualifiers – 04/09/2021

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Anfisa says Argentines lied to enter Brazil qualifiers - 04/09/2021
Anfisa says Argentines lied to enter Brazil qualifiers - 04/09/2021

With Thiago Braga, Collaboration for UOL, in São Paulo

The Brazil-Argentina qualifier match scheduled for Sunday (5), but the differences outside the field began much earlier. The entry of Argentine players Emiliano Martinez, Buendia (Aston Villa), Christian Romero and Lo Celso (Tottenham) into Brazil was irregular and, according to the National Health Monitoring Agency (Anvisa), happened only because the four Argentines who play for English clubs. They lacked the truth when they arrived in Brazil.

“The players concerned, who arrived in Brazil on a flight from Caracas (Venezuela) to Guarulhos, announced that they had not traveled to any of the four countries with restrictions in the last 14 days. Yesterday (09/03), however, unofficial news arrived To Anvisa to report alleged incorrect statements made by these travelers.Therefore, Anvisa notified the Strategic Information Center on National Health Surveillance (CIEVS / MS), which coordinates the CIEVS network, responsible for epidemiological investigation in the state of São Paulo and the municipality of Guarulhos.It should be noted that false information submitted to the Brazilian authorities may constitute health violations and a violation of criminal laws,” Anvisa told UOL.

The Brazilian Football Confederation sent a document to CONMEBOL on September 5 on the necessity of quarantine for foreign travelers from England, in the case of players called up by Argentina to face Brazil, on Sunday (5), at 4 pm.

“We sent it to CONMEBOL to be aware of the rules. When we went to Chile, we were tested and stayed in the bubble to see if we could get out. Although the athletes and coaching staff had been tested in Brazil and again in Chile, Vice President Gustavo Vigo said. Brazilian Football Confederation “We respect Chile’s rules”.

The report found that the association football Argentino (AFC) is not afraid to miss the four athletes who play in England for tomorrow’s match. For the organization, it has perfectly adapted to Conmebol’s requests for footballers to enter different countries under the strict health bubble.

Conmebol disclaims responsibility and says that the 10 member states of the entity have agreed to the protocol for achieving elimination matches.

In a statement, the Minister of State for Health reported that Anvisa had allowed into Brazil the four athletes from the Argentine soccer team working in the United Kingdom, and that in accordance with Federal Law No. 655 of June 23, 2021, they had to comply with the quarantine upon arrival in Brazil because they had passed through England in the last 14 days, which is a restricted area. “Following notification by the federal agency, the United States Department of Health has launched an epidemiological and sanitary investigation and will provide all information to Anvisa for deliberation regarding the need for athletes to be quarantined,” the department said.

How do UOL reported earlierOn Saturday afternoon (4) employees of the Ministry of Health of the State of Sao Paulo will visit the hotel where the Argentine men’s soccer team is staying to investigate possible violations of sanitary rules.

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