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Anna Moser buys into the fight to overturn the independence of the confederations and committees – 06/14/2023

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Anna Moser buys into the fight to overturn the independence of the confederations and committees – 06/14/2023
Anna Moser buys into the fight to overturn the independence of the confederations and committees – 06/14/2023

The sports governing body is furious at what I understand to be a blow in the back from Sports Minister Anna Moser. After eight years of dealing with public sports law, they find out he’s the boss cuttlefish He would veto, at the suggestion of the previous player, three articles detailing how their autonomy, already enshrined in the Constitution, would work. The law has been ratified today (14), but until it is published in the Official Gazette (DOU) no one is sure what will come of it.

The articles under discussion are 26, 27 and 28 of the second subsection governing mathematical autonomy. They were proposed by the Jurists Committee set up by then-Senate President Renan Calheiro (MDB-AL), in 2015, and passed through the Senate (twice) and the House of Representatives without any cross-examination.

As the most active campaigner for the approval of the General Sports Act, Ana Moser, then leader of Atletas Bello Brasil, would not have questioned these articles, which is why her opponents now claim, and recommended leaders of both the government and the Labor Party. Approval of the text in the Senate. In addition, the decision-makers of the bill in both houses of the legislature were government allies – Leila Barros (PDT-DF), former colleague and friend of Anna Moser, and Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE), party leader in the chamber.

And so, at the end of last week, information, circulated as rumor, that the government would veto the text detailing how the autonomy of sporting entities works. On Monday (12), they met with the minister who neither confirmed nor denied the information, which made the leaders even more troublesome. The column found that, just in recent days, Anna Moser, who has devoted herself to other judgments from more than 200 LGE articles, has been concerned about the consequences of the articles on autonomy.

Between yesterday (13) and today (14), the seven beneficiaries of the lottery law funds have published on their websites texts defending this autonomy, but without making it clear that they fear the veto. “The Olympic system plays an important role in regulating the country’s sports system, as sporting independence is fundamental for us to achieve our institutional goals,” said UEFA Vice President Marco Laporta.

Since Lula had until Friday (16th) to approve the bill that was approved in the Senate, all parties considered that there was still time to try to persuade the government to back down. And they had envisioned that the government would organize an event on Friday to celebrate, after many years of struggle, the approval of the General Sports Code. However, they were surprised by a tweet from the Ministry of Sports, on Wednesday evening, stating that Lula, accompanied by Anna Mozier, had already ratified the law. There is no party mood.

Also co-signed was Senator Leila, Senate Rapporteur, but not Carreras, who sent a letter to the Prime Minister of the Secretariat of Institutional Relations of the Presidency, Alexandre Padilla (Workers’ Party), arguing that the oath should not be vetoed.

The government stated on Twitter that “Lula has given 90 days to the Ministry of Sports to present regulations for all developments that the new law imposes on Brazil.” If, as expected, the articles are rejected, it means that detailing the autonomy of sports entities, which is stipulated in the constitution, lacks regulation, and could be done by the Ministry of Sports.

The most sensitive point is the lottery money check. Today, it is up to the Federal Audit Court (TCU) to do so, but it is rare to take special accounts of Confederations’ commissions and associations. Without them, society doesn’t have access to how sports money is spent — this column has been trying for years to get access to the bills, for example, without success even under the Freedom of Information Act.

Recently, an episode has already sparked quarrels between COB and the Ministry. The committee excluded futsal from youth games and criticized the government for claiming that COB could not do what it wanted with school games. Since it has competition independence, COB has maintained its decision. Now, you can lose that autonomy.

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