December 7, 2022
Antonia Fontnell has been charged with the crime of bias after using the term “paraipada” |  Paraiba

Antonia Fontnell has been charged with the crime of bias after using the term “paraipada” | Paraiba

At the conclusion of the investigations, Police Chief Marcelo Antas Falcone decided to indict Antonia Fontnell in the Racism Act, which provides for a sentence of 1 to 3 years in prison and a fine for the offense of bias or discrimination.

NS g 1 I asked for an answer from the actress via email, but didn’t get a response until 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

You are Videos of attacks on Pamela It was released by her on social networks. The next day, Fontenelle took a stand against the attacks and posted the following text on social media, commenting on the topic:

“These ‘Barabbas’ are quite successful and think they can do anything. Tomorrow I will call the authorities in Ceará to understand why this bastard has not been arrested.”

DJ Eves, who is from Paraíba, lives in Fortaleza and Arrested on August 14. Following Fontenelle’s remarks, singers, artists, celebrities, blogs, and several entertainment pages criticized the use of the expression “paraíba” with a negative slant. After the criticism, I talked about it again:

“This group of unemployed digital mafiosi who have nothing to do. Now come together to accuse me of xenophobia. Again? In glue! They actually tried to accuse me of xenophobia. (…) Because I said ‘that’ paraiba’ when they start to Earn little money they think they can do anything. ‘Paraíba’ I refer to those who make ‘Paraibada’, it can be south, northeast, or whatever. “If you do barrapada, it’s a power of expression,” the actress said in a video.

The investigation was supported by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, which complied with a letter introductory to the interrogation of the accused in the city of Rio de Janeiro by the Civil Police of Barra da Tijuca. According to information from the civil police, during interrogation, Antonia Fontenelle reported that she used the expressions to refer to the DJ, but that she did not intend to reach the residents of Paraíba or anyone from the Northeast, nor to offend the groups or show their superiority. He also mentioned that his words were said at the height of his indignation.

Upon completion of the investigation, the procedure is referred to the judicial sector so that the Public Prosecution Office can take appropriate measures.

Antônia Fontenelle even filed a subpoena to prevent investigations from taking place. However, the courts rejected the injunction requested by the lawyer.

as Fontenelle’s statements were criticized by many artists and influencers from ParaíbaThey include Juliette Freire, Fly, JK and Chico Cesar. Juliet said, “There is no such thing as ‘being a paraiba’ and ‘making a paraipada.’ There is no such thing as being a paraiba, and I am very proud of it.”

Police arrest DJ Ives at home for assaulting ex-wife Pamela Holland

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