June 24, 2024

Apple rumored to be preparing major AI-focused upgrade for M4 Mac

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Apple rumored to be preparing major AI-focused upgrade for M4 Mac

Apple is gearing up to revolutionize its Mac lineup with the introduction of the new M4 processors, which will focus on AI capabilities. These cutting-edge chips are set to be released in late 2024 and early 2025, following the successful launch of the first MacBook Pro with an M3 chip in November 2023.

The M4 chip will come in three different tiers: Donan for entry-level devices, Brava for mid-tier devices, and Hidra for high-performing devices. This strategic move by Apple is in response to the increasing competition from “AI PCs” in the market and a recent slowdown in Mac sales.

The Donan chip will be integrated into entry-level MacBook Pro models, MacBook Airs, and lower-end Mac Minis, catering to a wider range of consumers. On the other hand, the Brava chip will be reserved for higher-specced MacBook Pros, Mac Minis, and the powerful Mac Studio. Finally, the top-tier Hidra chip will be included in the Mac Pro model, offering unmatched performance and capabilities.

With its focus on AI processing, the M4 processors are expected to enhance the overall user experience, making Mac devices even more powerful and efficient. Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of these new M4-equipped Macs, which are poised to set a new standard in the world of technology. Stay tuned for more updates on Apple’s groundbreaking innovations as they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with their Mac lineup.

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