June 14, 2024

Are you with an error box? Learn how to solve it

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Are you with an error box?  Learn how to solve it

The can Tem was created for 2020, with the goal of enabling emergency assistance payment, during social isolation, however, during the end of maturity, the app has undergone a rework.

Currently, the Caixa Tem application promises to facilitate access for all Brazilians to banking services and transactions, such as payment of bank vouchers, remittances, pix, microcredit and credit cards. credit.

This is a free account for daily use. CAIXA Tem is lightweight and compatible with almost all mobile networks and devices. The technology is also available to people with disabilities (PwD).

Solve the error box Tem

Many users are complaining about application errors and one of the main causes of problems with the Caixa Tem application is the instability of the system itself. These issues can be resolved by cell phone without having to look for a Caixa Econômica Federal branch. Learn how to solve:

Device registration error

In general, in this case, the following message appears: “It was not possible to register the device.” This could be due to a failure in the system itself.

If the problem is caused by system instability, the client should access the application at a later time, so that the Caixa Tem system server is more stable.

Application with “blank screen”

When performing system updates, it is possible for the app to conflict with the device cache. To resolve the situation, it is necessary to reinstall the application and clean the cache of the cell phone, by following these steps:

  • Click “Settings”;
  • Choose the “Operating System” option;
  • Select “clear cache”.

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