April 13, 2024
Argentine newspaper praises Boca's performance before 'risky' clash against Corinthians

Argentine newspaper praises Boca’s performance before ‘risky’ clash against Corinthians

The Olé .’s notesThe main Argentine sports newspaper highlighted the victory of Boca Juniors last Saturday. Corinthians’ next opponent, defeated Buenos Aires Central de Cordoba 2-1, in a valid match for the Argentine League Cup, and practically qualify for the quarter-finals of the tournament.

The newspaper confirmed that the match was complex and a great performance by goalkeeper Javi Garcia for Boca to reach the victory, and confirmed that 2-1 gives the “necessary spirit” for the important visit to Brazil.

‘Risk showdown’, I identified Hello on your cover. Set as the main name for the victory, Garcia spoke of the saved penalty and was excited to be on the pitch at the New Coimica Arena – he suspended two games at the start of the continental tournament.

“This win gives us confidence in Tuesday’s match, and we hope to put in a great performance as well. It’s a very important match and we have to focus on what we’re doing here, without listening too much to what’s coming from outside,” he said. Garcia.

The same publication, by the way, also monitors the situation of Corinthians fans before the engagement. A detailed report on the derby against Palmeiras was published shortly afterwards 3-0 at Arena BarueriReferring to the “weak” performance of Vinegra, even with a mixed team on the pitch.

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