July 14, 2024

Arlindo Cruz’s son says of his father’s addiction to cocaine: ‘It was bad for him’

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Arlindo Cruz e Arlindinho
Arlindo Cruz e Arlindinho

In an interview, Arlindinho speaks for the first time on the topic. The samba dancer has been an addict for years

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By Leo Dias, Metropolis – For the first time, samba dancer Arlindino, son of singer-songwriter Arlindo Cruz, spoke about his father’s addiction to cocaine, during an interview with journalist Rica Peroni, on Cara Tapa’s YouTube channel. The artist, who suffered a serious stroke in 2017, faces dire consequences and is taken care of by his family at home.

“My dad was in the best time of his life. I was launching myself, passing the wand, and I wanted people to know me as an artist. He had been off drugs for a few months. He never mentioned it because he wanted to wait until my sister was older. But as soon as he said, it all happened.” The singer revealed.

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