June 18, 2024

Asia Shares Rise on Chinese Stimulus Talks; Japanese Yields Remain a Risk

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Asia Shares Rise on Chinese Stimulus Talks; Japanese Yields Remain a Risk

Wall Street and global stocks saw little movement on Monday as investors awaited upcoming corporate earnings, central bank meetings, and an imminent employment report. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and Nasdaq Composite all experienced marginal gains.

This week, well-known companies such as Apple, Amazon.com, Caterpillar Inc, Starbucks Corp, and Advanced Micro Devices are set to reveal their earnings, which could have a significant impact on market sentiment.

In Europe, shares also saw modest gains after euro zone inflation decreased further in July. This decline is viewed as a positive sign for the European Central Bank’s plans to halt interest rate hikes.

Despite weak manufacturing activity in China, global markets were not dramatically affected. Investors remained focused on key economic indicators to be released this week, including U.S. ISM surveys on manufacturing and services, as well as the highly anticipated July payrolls report.

The bright spot for investors has been the upbeat earnings reported by megacap growth companies and chipmakers, which have boosted overall sentiment. However, the Bank of England is expected to raise rates, while the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision remains uncertain, adding some level of uncertainty to markets.

Meanwhile, the Japanese yen weakened against the dollar after the Bank of Japan’s decision to lift the lid on bond yields, suggesting investors are favoring the greenback.

In the commodity markets, oil prices are expected to post their largest monthly gains in over a year. This surge is driven by expectations of extended output cuts from Saudi Arabia, a development that has generated optimism among market participants.

Overall, despite the mixed economic data and uncertainties surrounding central bank decisions, global stocks have remained relatively stable as investors await crucial earnings reports and economic indicators in the coming days.

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