February 6, 2023

Astronauts taking showers in space? Discover it now!

In many missions, astronauts have to stay in outer space for a long time. And from there countless doubts arise in people’s minds that really make sense, such as: How will it be astronauts take a shower? So if you too have this doubt, know that we are here to answer you!

Do astronauts shower? How it works?

In the past, during their missions, astronauts faced zero gravity working against them. This way, they can only bathe with sponges, washcloths, soap and a little water Waterdue to the scarcity of this vital liquid in the capsules.

However, at present, it is known that there is microgravity on the International Space Station (ISS), which is equivalent to 90% of the gravity on Earth. The earth’s surface.

The International Space Station crew use water bags to take a shower, in this way the liquid falls on their bodies in small droplets.

First, they must “catch up” the water with a towel, and given that water is a vital fluid and a finite resource in space, what’s left from the astronauts’ bathroom goes directly into the recycling system, environmental control, and environmental support. life, where liquid is recovered, cleaned and reused.

To clean themselves, astronauts use soap without rinsing and shampoo.

Astronaut Karen Nyberg (currently retired from NASA) and Wang Yaping (CNSA) shared how they washed their hair on their missions.

They said they used gloves and a washcloth to help spread the liquid over the strands and then dried it with a dryer, but the astronauts revealed that it’s not easy to wash your hair in space, not least because your hair stands on end and is perfectly lifted.

To complete the washing, it is necessary to carry out cleaning with water.

So, would you like to know about this curiosity?