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Astronauts were shocked to see the impact of wildfires on Earth – 08/17/2021

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Astronauts were shocked to see the impact of wildfires on Earth - 08/17/2021

The earth is burning. This is not news. But some wildfires are so large that they can be seen from space.

To astronaut Megan MacArthur, who lives in Na International Space Station (ISS) Since April, I have revealed the suffering of the crew as they follow the fire spreading from above. “We are very sad to see the flames over large areas of the earth, not just the United States,” he said in a recent link to Insider’s website.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who often posts beautiful photos from the viewpoint of the International Space Station, recently posted some unfortunate scenes of fire on his Twitter account.

Fire is widespread in forests in the United States, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Siberia and other regions. Many spontaneous fires (forest fires), common during summer in the northern hemisphere, are exacerbated by hot weather, wind and dry vegetation – the same process that can occur in the Pantanal. But never before have they been so severe or have occurred in so many places at the same time.

A clear sign of the climate crisis we are going through. Global warming has caused historical heat waves.

Astronaut Megan responded to a call: “For several years, scientists around the world have sounded this alarm. It is a wake-up call for the entire global community. We need everyone to face the situation and act on these challenges.”

Other symptoms of climate change that can be seen from space are extensive droughts, including depletion of water reservoirs, thinning of the atmosphere and meteorological events.

The astronaut said, “The atmosphere is what protects the Earth and everything that inhabits it. We see how fragile it is, and we know how important it is.” “Big tropical storms were going on, and so were the floods they caused.”

last week , The United Nations issued a disturbing report, declaring a “red symbol” for humanity. We are facing unprecedented changes in the climate – some of which are irreversible – and we must act to avoid a catastrophic scenario.

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