February 28, 2024

Atlético: Find out what could prevent Alan’s move to Flamengo

Volante, who is from Gallo, is practically guaranteed in Rubro Negro, but the parties have yet to make the negotiation official.

Atletico and Flamengo in the final stage of An agreement regarding the future of Alan’s steering wheel. The Galo player is practically coveted in Rubro-Negro, but the parties have yet to make the negotiation official. The reason for this delay is due to the payment of the Solidarity Mechanism. Information from GE.

The complicated situation lies at the expense of who will be responsible for paying the percentage related to the solidarity mechanism between the seller, in this case Atlético, and the buyer Flamengo. This means that all clubs involved in the formation of Allan – up to the age of 23 – are entitled to a percentage in the deal.

It is expected that the negotiations between the clubs will revolve around 7 million euros to 10 million euros. In the current quote, on Monday (26), which equates to between R$36 million and R$52 million.

Since Galo owned 70% of the player’s economic rights, he was left with approximately R$25 million and R$36.4 million.

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