September 30, 2023
Atletico fire assistants Mauricio Sousa and Bruno Lazzaroni;  Wesley Carvalho leads against Ciara |  Atletico PR

Atletico fire assistants Mauricio Sousa and Bruno Lazzaroni; Wesley Carvalho leads against Ciara | Atletico PR

The Athlete Unleash the helpers Mauricio Souza And Bruno Lazzaroni This is Thursday. The decision was made and communicated by CEO Alexandre Matos during the morning.

Filipao took on a dual role, manager and technical, bringing in Carlos Bracchidelli and Paolo Torra as assistants. Thus, Matos chose to expel Souza Lazzaroni. The first lasted less than three months, while the second spent a year and three months in the hurricane.

He was the only person left from the sports staff Wesley CarvalhoAnd Appointed by Matos to the ambitious team, in February. After the mandate, he became a coach for the U-20s and also helped with the main team.

Carvalho leads Atletico on Saturday, against Ciara, in Serie A. Filippao and his technical committee are watching the match from the penalty area and starting to take over the daily business from Sunday.

Wesley Carvalho leads Atletico against Fozao – Photo: Fabio Wusniak / Atletico

rented in february previous flamingo Sousa has arrived to fill precisely the temporary void left by Lazzaroni, who stayed away due to health problems. Lazzaroni recovered and returned to work in April, with Souza and Lucho Gonzalez on the standing committee.

But Gonzalez resigned after the departure of coach Alberto Valentim. Assistants Leandro Cuca and Dénis Lupp came to hire Fábio Carille, But the trio only lasted 21 days in the hurricaneBetween mid-April and early May.

Lazzaroni was appointed by Paolo Autori, then coach, in February 2021 to coach the ambitious team. He led the Hurricane in eight games, with three wins, one draw and four defeats.

After that, the club put players from the state’s main level and dissolved the group of hopefuls – the professional returned to being “only” an assistant. Lazzarone was still interim coach in 2021 for four matches following the departure of Antonio Oliveira, with two wins. He “housed” driving with the Autuori until Valentine’s arrival.

Bruno Lazzaroni stayed for a year and three months at Atletico – Photo: Gustavo Oliveira/Atletico

The Athlete Back to the field against car On Saturday, at 8:30 pm, at Arena da Baixada, for the fifth round of Brazil. In Libertadores, it was dig receive the editor On Wednesday 18, at 19:00, at home.