March 1, 2024

Atlético-MG delays players’ salaries; Outstanding Awards | Athlete- mg

a Atlético MG With financial problems, once again, it delayed the players’ salaries. The payment was not made for the month of April, which was supposed to fall on that Monday.

Hulk, from Atlético-MG, argues with a fan after being called a “pipoqueiro” Credit: Divul

Information provided and confirmed by Goal General Electric The club covered the salaries of other employees and the administrative sector. The Atlético consultant did not comment on this matter until the publication of this report.

a General Electric I found there were also pending prize issues, such as this year’s Mineiro tournament. One source confirmed that there were occasional delays related to bonuses and image rights. a Atlético MG She has a monthly payroll of about R$18 million.

Atlético-MG flag on the CT – Shield – Photo: Pedro Souza/CAM

On the club’s balance sheet, the debt is close to R$1.57 billion, by the standards of the Alvinegra board of directors itself. It increased by R$ 259 million compared to 2021, mainly due to the higher cost of the football department and interest on debt.

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