June 24, 2024

Atlético-MG vs Youth: See where to watch, teams, embezzlement and refereeing | Brazilian series

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Atlético-MG vs Youth: See where to watch, teams, embezzlement and refereeing |  Brazilian series

With three consecutive victories with the Brazilian nationalists, he achieved Athlete It is filled out to fetch the address. Leader with 71 points, Gallo plays at home again, racking up 13 consecutive victories (14th victory means an unprecedented mark in running points history). Against Juventud, coach Coca has maximum strength at his disposal. Atletico comes from a 1-0 win over Atlético PR in the last round.

NS Youth He also arrived full of a five-game streak in which coach Jair Ventura was undefeated. Caxias do Sul had three straight wins and managed to leave the Z-4, but will have a test with fire on Saturday. If he scores any points against the leader in Mineirao, he gains more breaths in the battle to escape relegation.

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flow: the first show (per Brazil), with narration by Rogerio Correia and commentary by Bob Faria and Henrique Fernandez

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Atletico MG – Coach: Kuka

The best home team in the Brazilian Championship, Atletico will feature the return of Guilherme Arana on the left side, as well as the four called up in the final rounds of qualifying – Alonso, Franco, Savarino and Vargas. Coca must maintain the backbone that won Atlético PR.

The question remains whether Alonso will return to the starting line-up (he is recovering from a knee injury). And Nacho Fernandez was the last to only stay on the bench, having been treated for a pain in his groin. On the right flank, Mariano must regain the position. There is no yellow card embezzlement.

Potential athlete: Iverson. Mariano (Goga), Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso (River), Guilherme Arana; Alan Weyer and Zaracho; Hulk, Diego Costa and Keno

Who is out: Nobody

suspended: Allan, Coca, Eduardo Sacha, Goga, Gayer and Hulk

Young athletes are most likely to encounter – Image: ge

Youth – Coach: Jair Ventura

Coach Jair Ventura will not be able to count on two of the most prominent figures in the team, which belong to Galo. Defender Vitor Mendes, who scored goals in victories against Inter and Fluminense, and midfielder Guilherme Castillo, the team’s most decisive player in Brazil, are both absent due to contractual reasons. Quintero and Chico are in charge of defense and midfield. On the other hand, right-back Michel Macedo and striker Sorriso returned after suspension.

Potential Youth: Douglas. Michel Macedo, Quintero, Raphael Forster, and William Matthews; Doohan, Judson, Chico, Wesley; Ricardo Bueno smiled.

Who is out: Guilherme Castilho and Vitor Mendes (belonging to Atlético-MG) and Elton (injured).

suspended: Chico, Fernando Pacheco, Marcelo Carne, Paulo Henrique, Quintero, Wagner, Wesley, William Matthews.

Possible youth against Atlético MG – Photo: ge

  • Rule: Luiz Flavio de Oliveira (SP)
  • Auxiliaries: Alex Ang Ribeiro and Miguel Cattaneo Ribeiro da Costa (SP)
  • Video arbitrator: Pericles Bassols Pegado Cortez (SP)
  • Fourth ruling: Anderson Alves de Sousa (MG)

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