December 8, 2022
'Back to Silent Hill': The director reveals the plot of the new amendment

‘Back to Silent Hill’: The director reveals the plot of the new amendment

In an interview with IGNdirector Christoph Janswho ordered the adjustmenthorror in the silent Hill‘, released in 2006, details the plot of the new movie based on the popular game franchise.

“inspired by the game”the silent Hill two’, [o novo filme] It will tell the story of a young man who returns to the silent Hill, where he met a great love…but he ended up creating a real nightmare. In the first movie, we discover the world of this small town, completely surrounded by fog, as if trapped in the “Twilight Zone”. But in the second game, the creators changed the rules. back to the silent Hillwhich is still the same city, but we find a strange and different world through the new hero’s point of view.”

Complete , “The new movie will have a psychological horror tone, although we will find the same creatures again and we will have horror scenes. However, the greatest terror will always remain in ourselves.”

The film is scheduled to be released for the first time in 2024.

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released in 2006,horror in the silent Hillraised more than 100 million dollars all over the world. arrangement,’the silent Hill: inspiration‘At the box office with only $55.3 million Collected around the world, plus massacred by critics.

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