July 22, 2024

Bad news for cardholders

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Bad news for cardholders
Bad news for cardholders

The news is not good for consumers in many countries who use Debit and credit cards. Earlier this month, Biden Cash Data leaked From about 2.1 million financial products to “celebrate” its year of existence.

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Biden Cash is a secret dark web marketplace, where network servers that can only be accessed with specific tools, settings, or permissions are called. One of the advantages (or disadvantages) of these sites is the high level of anonymity of users.

In the latest leak, information on 811,676 debit cards, 740,858 credit cards, and 292 charge cards was revealed. Brazil is among the affected countries, ranking tenth on the list with 19,700 data exposed.

Sort by country

Check out the ranking of the countries with the highest number of affected users, according to security company Cyble:

  1. United States: 965,846;
  2. Mexico: 97 665;
  3. China: 97,003;
  4. United Kingdom: 86,313;
  5. Canada: 36 906;
  6. India: 36,672;
  7. Italy: 23,009;
  8. South Africa: 22,798;
  9. Australia: 21,361;
  10. Brazil: 19,700.

In addition to card data (number, expiration date, and CVV code), the leak includes information such as customer names, emails, phone numbers, and even addresses.

Cancellation and expiration

Although the amount of information exposed is large, much of it was already available on the dark web, and banks have already taken the necessary measures to prevent further damage. Therefore, most of these cards have already been canceled.

Another point that helps reduce the damage caused by leakage is the expiration date of the product. According to cybersecurity firm Flashpoint, 70% of them will expire sometime in 2023.

However, Cyble warns users of risks such as scams and other criminal schemes, including identity theft, embezzlement, and phishing.

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