February 26, 2024
Baheya receives 400,000 new doses of the vaccine on Saturday (14)

Baheya receives 400,000 new doses of the vaccine on Saturday (14)

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A plane loaded with 149,500 doses of Coronavac immunization agents landed in Salvador on Saturday (14). At about 3 p.m., another plane carrying more than 251,550 doses of Pfizer/BioNTech arrived at Bahian Land. Vaccines will be applied to the first and second doses. currently, Salvador vaccinates people 22 years of age or older.

According to the state health department (Sesab), the doses will be sent to regional health, where they will be sent to municipalities, this weekend, after a government immunization coordination team conference.

The state also received doses on Thursday and Friday, which reached a total of 13,294,568 doses of vaccines, including 4,655,798 doses of corona. 6,151,580 from AstraZeneca/Oxford; 2,316,090 are from Pfizer and 261,100 are from Janssen.

As of 5 pm on Friday (13), Bahia had vaccinated 67% of the population aged 18 or over, an estimated 11 million Bahia. The data is from the Sesab organization, which also reported that the state has reached 7,182,927 vaccinations against the Corona virus with the first dose, of which 3,040,786 also have the second application, and another 252,310 have been vaccinated with a single dose of vaccination.