March 30, 2023
Bale criticizes pedestrian bans after Victor's departure

Bale criticizes pedestrian bans after Victor’s departure

Arkripan, a pawn”farm 13 inch (RecordTV) vented with Mileide Mihaile At the fifth party of rural reality On the relationship with the pedestrians after the recording of “Hora do Faro” by Victor Pecoraro, Elimination of last nightAnd He did not spare the criticism of Espirito Santo.

“In a few days they will tell you to get away from me, Maylaid,” began the ex-BBB. Wesley Safadão’s ex-wife asserted, “I’ll only go away if you play with me. They’ve already talked, my dear, it’s been a while. Stop being silly, were you born today?”

The pawn promised: “If I return from the second farm, you will wait for me.” “Listen, I’ll tell you this and tell Victor who left. I change my situation only with those I love if I see or hear something I don’t believe, I don’t agree with, and I don’t think it’s cool, ”the girl reinforced.

“Pay attention. If you go back, you’ll see what happens,” the former BBB continued. “Boy, are you worried?” asked the influencer.

“Of course I am,” Arcribiano explained. “People give a signal there and everyone leaves, but after they come back….” “I am so upset by the signs, I am so sad,” Mayled said wistfully.

“Me too,” said the pawn, “didn’t he give me any advantage, it looks like I’m evil, right?” Maylaid agreed:

I’m really sad because it looks like you were the son of a bitch behind his back. You hurt a lot, but I don’t say I’m going to change with you, because I love him, because of that. I’m not like this. Maylady Mihaly

“Who knew Allen would pull Victor? I didn’t know,” said the pawn. Formation of the fourth farm. “And one more thing, let’s suppose, if you have your reasons for immunizing Dynho or him, no”

“Worse than I have,” the former BBB said. “You know something that I deeply regret? I did not give him strength nor did I, having given him my breast,” he added, and Milede sympathized with her friend:

You say that and no one understands, because people are really focused on immunity. Listen, I can’t judge this until the day I’m at the gallows and you pick. I can’t judge because I wasn’t there, right there in his location. Maylady Mihaly

“But those little paintings he gave me were because of From the immunity I did not give him. You read the game wrong, and you paid the price, right? “That’s it, you don’t have to worry,” commented the pawn, consoling the pawn.

“People here are really turning away from me because of that, because of his little paintings,” Arcripiano explained. Mileide said, then the former BB’s promise:

You’re the only one who cares about you, Larry and Gui Araujo by my side. When I come back, when I enter that door, I’ll say, ‘You guys who got away from me because of those little marks, don’t come near me now, okay? You’ll see, get ready. Damn you all**. Archipano

“Be safe from here, what you believe in and the people you care about,” Mayled consolation.

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