March 1, 2024
Battlefield 2042: Check out our graphic comparison between PS5 and Xbox Series X |  S and PC

Battlefield 2042: Check out our graphic comparison between PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC

PS5 and Xbox Series X play in 4K dynamic resolution at 60 frames per second; The S-series delivers 1440p dynamic resolution at the same frame rate

yesterday (6) We publish here on Adrenaline Channel comparison ElAnalistadeBits Versions of Battlefield 2042 for . controllers SonyNow is the time to present the latest comparison made between the new generation releases that includes PlayStation 5 NS Xbox Xbox X| S. With the upgraded version for Computerusing file video card nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 With game graphics settings on Ultra.

Remember that the images are from the beta version of the game which has been available since yesterday (6) to players who pre-sell the game and subscribers to the game. Play EA, including who owns X-Box Game Pass UltimateThis testing period, which begins tomorrow, will be available to play by any user, once the game has been downloaded, which can already be done on all platforms. Check out the video with the tests performed below.

Select the test that versions PlayStation 5 NS Xbox Xbox X they use 4K Dynamic Resolution, with version PS5 Display average resolution slightly higher than X series, No Xbox S The resolution that was found is 1440 dynamic pixels And the three controllers are running the game in 60 frames per second, with the lower frame rate found in all versions, with more in the version for PS5.

Issuance Computer In the equipment used I got better results in drawing distance and textures, with versions Xbox Xbox X NS PlayStation 5 Practically getting right behind, and Xbox S It finishes lower quality but also delivers a great result, and the analyst has noticed that there are less leaves in the version S series. In addition to setting it on keyboards Microsoft The arrangement of foliage and terrain is different from other platforms.

– Continues after announcement –

The PC version does not include Ray TracingBut since it is a beta version, this can be applied in the latest version of the game, it was finally noticed that the reversals in PS5 Nor Computer You have some display issues, causing this to happen Xbox Series Offer a better result than the platform Sony.

We have already tested the version for Computer from new Battlefield 2042 With our illustrious Diego Kerber, you can check click here.

What do you think about making this comparison? Do you participate in the beta? Share in the comments what you think!

Battlefield 2042 Beta - Dream PC (and cheap) is trying to run!

Battlefield 2042 Beta – Dream PC (and cheap) is trying to run!
Let’s test how the game is in this beta phase!


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