March 26, 2023

BBB 23: Without mincing words, Tico Santa Cruz analyzes the participants in reality and blows up the sisters: “fairy tale, unstable, boring”


The singer took the opportunity to reveal who he wanted in the reality show finale

Image 1: reproduction/Instagram/@ticostacruz | Image 2: Reproduction / Rede Globo

Known for not mincing words, the singer Tico Santa Cruzvocalist of the band Detonautas, analyzed the participants in BBB 23. In a text message on his account and a story on his official Instagram profile, he revealed that he’s thinking about it and took the opportunity to blow up the situation of some of the sisters on the reality show.

At first it was all praise for him shoe faceAnd Amanda that it MCguimeand identify them as “Good people”, “I love” that it “playing very well”, respectively. All three are even in the perfect final match Tico Santa Cruz. Even the singer rated it Larisa good. “She’s fine, she looks like a nice girl.”he wrote. Allen It is defined as center. on pleasantHe noted that she speaks well but is shy in the game. Gabriel It is defined as “He flies”And Marvella He is “little plant” and Richard “unstable” that it “Lost”according to him.

Photo: Playback / Instagram / @ticostacruz

On some stretches, he blows up some of the sisters. “The key is a mythical obsession, ignorant, arrogant, full of mood, false, false and ignorant”, ID. As commented on Bruna Grippo: “Damn *insanely, sometimes traveling, boring as hell** with some attitude, but so spontaneous and real”, Scored. Domitilla It’s boring for a singer. “This wave of ‘good vibes’ is a blast! Clever and clear, however, it doesn’t stay to the end,” he wrote.

Continue analyzing it. “Fred Nicasio started the game hard and after he came back he got better, but he got involved with the wrong people – like Key…”, he wrote. “Black is a good guy, he varies a lot between being afraid to act and exposing himself and at other times he acts assertive, but insecurity prevails. Fred DeSembedido is a nice guy, he communicates well with others, but he falters a bit when it’s time to hit the penalty kick.”.