February 26, 2024

BBB Wall Poll 23: Cesar, Domitilla, or Gabriel?

Another Marlinda formed! With the veto power to save one of the most voted by the house, prove strikes, returns and counterattack, Black CaesarAnd Domitilla And Jibril Ended up falling against a wall and Song list Want to know: Who do you want to get rid of this second week? Vote in our BBB 23 poll.

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BBB Poll 23: Who would you like to remove from this wall?

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As usual, the wall formation was opened with angel inlays. Ricardo fortified Tina, who stated that the relationship between the two grew within the game even with initial friction. “Little by little, we connected. He’s an incredible person,” he said while vaccinating his sister.

Then, it’s your turn shoe face Make an official nomination Black Caesar to the wall. “The person I would vote for wasn’t my first choice, but during this week it was the only person who walked away from me, while others got close, that person moved away a lot, I didn’t know exactly what it was, but if it’s closed, it’s black,” he justified.

Earlier, members of Sahara IV Voting options have already been discussedBeing Gabriel SantanaAnd Christian And Domitilla With that, the group agreed that the first voted choice would be Domitlia, who, in fact, ended up in the spotlight as the second most voted.

He was the most voted in the house MCguime, by 9 votes, but the singer ended up being escaped from the spotlight by Curinga Power of Cara de Sapato, who contested the House nomination. “Obviously we play as a group,” he said while rescuing Gimme. And with that, Christian, the third most vocal, finally ended up in the spotlight. On the back-and-forth, Cristian completed Estácio’s run and ended up saving himself from the wall.

The pieces are in place! And it’s always good to remember, the right votes to remove a brother from BBB 23 are done gshow.