June 14, 2024

BBB22: Douglas Silva said he was “afraid” of Arthur Aguiar’s game, and cited the reason: “The second time I’ve seen this”; Watch

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It seems that “milk has sour” once and for all in their relationship Douglas Silva And the Arthur AgyarThe dispute between them was very tense. In the early hours of Saturday (26), just before he went to the house party, the actor spoke to Natalia Deodato About how his view of the singer has changed.

At the time, DG made it their “Top 10” list. “Pedro, Pennsylvania, Lucas, you, Jesse, I have my doubts and you can understand why. Not Lena, as I was, nor me. Ellie. Arthur is not here.”, I showed. Natalia was surprised by the information and did not fail to wonder why. “Can’t you trust him?”the sister wondered, where the feud between the two brothers ended was not known to all.

“He showed me some of the things I’ve been afraid of these days.”The artist threw. “what type?”asked the miner. “Sort of talking, trying to make some plans… Dude, if I offered you my opinion, you might not agree, but you understand. You don’t need to argue with me about that, fight. The second time I see this [nele]said the actor.

Douglas Silva and Arthur Aguiar
Tension prevailed between the brothers in the commander’s room in the early hours of Saturday morning (26). Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

DG also thought his opinion was limited to Arthur Aguiar’s behavior in the game. “I love him as a person, I love him as a strategist, but for me, the way he plays doesn’t fit into my game. There are things he talks about and makes clear that I want to pick up and put into the game so that I understand, that he has a line of thinking that I can’t come up with on my own. But there are things Another I say: “Calm down.” We’ve had a fight twice, “” calculated for.

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“Today you have the best 6”, Natalia finished. “Of course, everyone has a priority here, but I insist on these six people like that. Why did you change! I had a top 10 even a week ago, and now I don’t.”he added. Watch the moment:

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