June 14, 2024

Benevenuto tests positive for Covid-19 and Fortaleza lost in Serie A

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Marcelo Benevenuto, zagueiro do Fortaleza(foto: Aurelio Alves)

There is no good or bad weather in Brazil. There is always a way, even unusual days, and different times, as long as the competition fulfills the ritual. Even if it is over wood and stone. It has always been this way, and it will not change now.

– The essence of the matter lies precisely in the form of the Brazilian football calendar, since its inception, with tournaments entering the arena of the other, the complete lack of organization. Had the schedule been better organized, and excluded some completely unnecessary tournaments, the story would have been told differently.

– There is not a single culprit. There are many of the same federations that insist and persist in state championships that have lost their raison d’être for so long. In the midst of all of this, there are a few cups of this and that, which also leads to absolutely none.

– This, for example, is the Northeast Cup, invented by the league that brings together clubs in the region. The winner, in addition to an ugly cup, wins participation in the next Copa del Rey as a grand prize. The upshot – they messed up the Brasil Club Cup more, with rounds outperforming the others. He’s already passed 90 clubs, and it won’t be long before he hits 100. Is there any doubt? Me more.


– Fatally, all this will flow into the progress of Brasileirão, our biggest competition, which, if well arranged in their games, must be taken seriously. However it is not.

– Two examples of what will happen this weekend, entry (what a word!) on Monday. Ceará will face América-MG, inside Independência, at 11:00 AM, under the hot sun.

– This match is set at this time so that Brazil does not suffer interruptions and continues on its normal course. For CBF, the time factor is not suitable. Clubs that turn around and send their teams to the field. The fear of heat stroke takes a back seat.

rescue board

– In terms of the game, América-MG, as host, is one of the worst teams in Brazil, stuck in the relegation zone, while Ceará is a bit higher, looking to assert himself in Brazil.

– It has not happened yet, there are a lot of relationships accumulated in nine. America-MG may be your lifeline. or not. Would a draw be a good result in any way? For coach Gotto Ferreira, with this tactical design of his, aka Ram Ram, if he did, he wouldn’t complain.

rain never rumbles

– By this path of always favoring the lot, the Alvinegro perform the pilgrimage, simply because their coach does not know how to act aggressively, out of precaution or even fear. Ceará’s Special Campaign and Special Results provides a free sample of team behavior in the four lines.

– Even knowing all this, the council folds its arms, as if it agrees with this venegro’s way of doing, as long as it saves your skin for the next brazil session. Yes, because the peg will always remain in this eternal rain – no – wet. Has anyone ever seen in football history a team that chooses a tie to come at least close to the title? Alvengro will not be the author of this novelty.

On Monday, there’s more

– It sounds like a Trunks story, but it’s not. To set the table for Brasileirão, press here, press there, the match between Fortaleza and Cuiabá, in Castelão, will be on an unusual Monday night. To top it off, at 9:30 pm, the most indigestible time created by the Brazilian Football Confederation, the TV Hostage.

– TRICOLOR, whose campaign is, at least so far, the best in recent times, maintaining itself, for a long time, in third place, chasing Palmeiras and Atlético MG. You can turn the first turn into a better position depending on it first, after stumbling in front of you.

Who remembers?

Small memory test. Who, by chance, remembers the last time a football match was played in these parts on a Monday? Nothing against Monday, in fact, my favorite day, although one thing has nothing to do with the other.

– It’s also valid for the unusual Sunday morning game, which did happen, yes, but I very much doubt anyone still remembers when it was the last time.

– It follows this year’s Brasileirão model, which is the same as the previous model, so without much surprise. But for the two clubs from Ciara, this is a strange novelty. But if this is how I wrote it, then let it be the will of the gods… of Arash.

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