June 18, 2024

Bill Moreira says he’s afraid to go out twice: ‘The doors will close’

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Bill Moreira says he's afraid to go out twice: 'The doors will close'

actress Bill Moreira, 22, commented on the decision to appear publicly as bisexual a few months ago. She is best known for playing the role of Raquel in the children’s series “As Aventuras de Poliana” (SBT) and today she plays the same character in the continuation of the story “Poliana Moça”.

“I understood myself as bisexual at the age of 15-16. I had already noticed that I was attracted to women, but at that age I fell in love with a girl. I was 100% cheated! I had no chances. But I have a lot of affection for that Anniversary,” Bell explained in an interview with Kim magazine.

“I decided to share this publicly because, to me, it was never something I should hide. I can love people of any gender, so what? I feel comfortable being openly bisexual. I love loving a woman, I love not being ashamed of who I am,” she declared. She is dating event producer Halana Lesserda.

In the not too distant past, Bell had to deal with the taboo surrounding her sexuality. Without naming names, the actress says that she was even advised not to assume her orientation so as not to harm her career, having worked in productions for children and teens.

“I needed to talk, but I thought many doors would be closing in front of me. It was scary. I didn’t handle the closet well, nor the pressure. I was told not to talk openly about it. From the moment I heard I could talk openly about bisexuality, I felt suffocated,” she admits.

“I wanted, at the same time, to reveal my identity and hide. It was very strange not to talk about my sexuality. In my family, in my friendships, it was not a problem at all. It was scary that I had to hide “, adds the actress.

Today, this problem is well solved for her. “Going out was the best decision I’ve ever made. My mental health and quality of life have improved. I’m a happier person today. It was a surprise to be welcomed with open arms. But even if it wasn’t in this case, going out is still the best choice I’ve ever made” .

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