June 7, 2023

Binance announces the deletion of LUNA, users switch to Crypto.com – Money Times

The race to get rid of Terra (LUNA) continues on the market on Crypto.com (Photo: Crypto Times)

distance cipher exchange Binance This Thursday (12) they announced that LUNA futures will no longer be traded with USDT, the pair’s trading volume. moon / dollar in brokerage Crypto.com exceed the Binance in trading volume. The total turnover of the brokerage is over 2 million USD.

Crypto.com Luna
Trading volume is shown below the Luna/USD price chart (Photo: Crypto.com/Reproduction)

Data from Coingecko shows that the trading volume on Binance was 48.82% of the total, currently the volume on Crypto.com is 0.02%.

As per the statement released this morning (12), the broker will stop trading the USD futures contract starting from Crypto assets Today, platform users are required to close open orders.

Binance Futures will perform automatic settlement of the contract with a margin USDT Luna This Agreement will then be deleted on 05/12/2022 at 15:30 (UTC) as mentioned in the previous announcement. Note: Users are advised to close any open positions before closing the list to avoid automatic liquidation.”

Binance does not care about LUNA

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance Pending withdrawals from Terra . network tokens – LUNA and UST – according to stablecoin The network is facing difficulties in maintaining parity against the dollar on Tuesday (10).

Binance announced the pause in a blog post that morning, blaming a “large volume of pending withdrawals” for network congestion.

Binance will resume withdrawals for these tokens when the network becomes stable again and the amount of withdrawals decreases. “We will not inform users in a new statement,” she added.

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