February 27, 2024
Biofuels are worth it in only one country

Biofuels are worth it in only one country

The ethanol price In most parts of the country in the past week, with Increase in 21 states and the Federal District. Data from ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels), compiled by AE-Taxas.

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The national average price per liter of biofuel was R$5,241, up 4.53% over the previous week (5,014 R$).

In only four states, there was a decrease in prices, while they remained stable in Amapá. Gas stations in the state of São Paulo, the country’s largest producer and consumer of ethanol, had the highest national increase (5.89%), with the product selling for an average of R$5,036.

The new increase makes the fuel useful only in Goiás. Not even in São Paulo, where it is traditionally more competitive, is it worth filling the tank with it.

The product is considered more useful than gasoline When its price is equal to up to 70% of the value of the petroleum derivative. In the largest Brazilian state, the proportion reached 72.72%.

lowest and highest price

In Brazil as a whole, the price of ethanol increased by an average of 12.81%. The search also shows the lowest price, average state minimum, maximum, and maximum found price. paying off:

  • Lowest price: São Paulo (4,099 BRL per liter);
  • Lowest average price in the state: Mato Grosso (4.927 BRL per liter);
  • Highest price: Rio Grande do Sul (7,696 BRL per liter);
  • Highest average price in the state: Amapá (6,450 R$ per liter).