June 14, 2024

Bisexual In Vai na Fé, Jean-Paolo posits sexuality

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Bisexual In Vai na Fé, Jean-Paolo posits sexuality

Jean-Paolo opened up about his sexuality and made a crushing confession

More than ten years have passed since then Jean Paulo Campos Immortalized as the famous Cirilo de Carousel (2012). Now, he has finally managed to overcome the stigmas of being known only as the eternal lover of María Joaquín (Larisa Manuela).

On air on Vai na Fé, by Globo, the 20-year-old young actor plays the character Yuri, who goes on a journey of discovery and reveals himself to be bisexual. However, this gave him the opportunity to receive approaches from people of different races.

“In my networks I get a lot of singing, both from girls and boys. I’m happy. It shows that I get along with people,” he told the O Globo newspaper’s Play column.

Despite being celibate, the Vai na Fé star has been the subject of questions about his sexual orientation, prompted by the TV series At Seven. People have great skepticism about this, and I think this interest is normal. I’m straight, but I don’t like to stress about it, because it has nothing to do with my job.”

On this occasion, Jean-Paolo Campos also spoke about the kissing scene with Gutierrez Sotero, and stated that he did not see any problems. “Gutierre and I have known each other for a long time, from auditioning to working together. That closeness was key to doing this sequence well.”

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Clara (Rejian Alves) would freak out "Go in the faith" (photo: reproduction/TV Globo)

Fai Na Fei – After a dagger is thrust into Helena’s heart, Clara feels bankrupt and a vile plan is devised.

Theo (Emilio Dantas) and Jennifer (Bela Campos) in scenes from Phi Na Fe (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

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Jean-Paolo Campos with Gutierrez Sottero in a scene from Vai na Fé - Image: Reproduction/Internet
Jean-Paolo Campos with Gutierrez Sottero in a scene from Vai na Fé – Image: Reproduction/Internet

“I think a kissing scene, regardless of the genres involved, needs harmony between the actors to feel natural. I was very happy, because the feedback [do beijo entre Vini e Yuri] It was very positive. “

According to Jean-Paolo, he received biased messages after it was revealed that Yuri’s character was bisexual. However, he noted that the positive comments were in an even larger volume. “Before the series started, I was already imagining that there would be criticism and mean messages. But they are in a significant minority and I try not to focus on that,” he declared.

What time does the TV series Vai na Fé air?

One of the greatest hits in drama and a phenomenon on Globo, Vai na Fé is ranked 7pm on Marinho’s broadcaster.

Yuri Phi Phi Na Phi (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)
Yuri Phi Phi Na Phi (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

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