June 14, 2024

Bitcoin is already trading for values ​​over $20,000

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Bitcoin is already trading for values ​​over $20,000

Following the trend of the US stock exchange, Bitcoin Already, for the third day in a row, it traded above the $20K level, a pattern assessed as very positive by crypto market analysts. In the last 24 hours, the highest level was recorded at 1.9%.

One of the main reasons for Bitcoin to rise slightly is the minutes from the Federal Reverse (FED), the US central bank, which indicates that the country’s economy is still strong, and that it is already in the process of overcoming the shocks caused by the inflation that has emerged in recent months, and more after that. The lockdown in China and the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Even after a slight increase above $20,000, digital asset market analysts continue to estimate the minimal chances of Bitcoin recovering in a short period, unless there is a sudden shift in the direction of inflation in the market.global platform. “There is carnage on the outside,” said David Nage, principal at asset manager Arca, but he also sees the fact that Bitcoin has stayed in that range, between $18,000 and $18,000, as a very positive thing. 20,000 in the last month.

Even with Bitcoin rising, the best performer, when it comes to market capitalization, is Ethereum (ETH), which showed a 3.6% advance, reaching $1,186.92. Most of them are under the influence of the blockchain beta, when they successfully run the upgrade, they abandoned the normal mining mechanism.

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