June 23, 2024

Black Friday guide – mouse, keyboard and headphone!

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Black Friday guide - mouse, keyboard and headphone!

It’s time to refresh this fight! See our recommendations

Welcome to our Adrenaline Black Friday shopping guide! This set of five articles will help everyone monitor their PC upgrade, focusing on the different components, with recommendations for key factors to consider and product brands to watch. Our Adrenaline Black Friday coverage is served by Intel CorporationHere is a list of articles:

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Starting with mice, we have different formats depending on consumer preferences and the gaming style that will be your focus. Starting with the cheapest models, we have AOC GM500 it’s the Red Dragon Cobra, which has a Pixart PMW 3325 sensor much lower than the BRL 100. Logitech G203 RGB Lite SyncFor those who prefer lightweight Share Lite S it’s the mancer tour and close the input recommendations, and HyperX Pulsefire NS Logitech G403 Hero.

Mouse Games AOC GM500 – 89.00 BRL
Mouse Games Red Dragon Cobra – 8,990 BRL
Mouse Games Logitech G203 RGB Lite Sync – 10,990 Brazilian riyals
Mouse Games Share Lite S – 12,990 BRL
Mouse Games HyperX Pulsefire – 149.90 BRL
Mouse Games Logitech G403 Hero – 159.90 BRL

When reaching a middle price range, models like Razer Deadder it’s the Viper Mini, besides the Logitech G502, which actually range from R$150 to $250 and are more complete models. For those looking for a wireless mouse, we recommend models like Logitech G903 it’s the Razer Viper Ultimate, It operates at a frequency of 2.4GHz with a USB dongle.

Mouse Games Razer Deadder V2 Chroma – 39,990 Brazilian riyals
Mouse Games Razer Viper Mini – 39,990 Brazilian riyals
Mouse Games Logitech G502 Hero – 219.90 Brazilian Real
Wireless Mouse Logitech G903 Lightspeed – 54990 Brazilian riyals
Wireless Mouse Razer Viper Ultimate – 89,990 Brazilian riyals

Moving on to keyboards, the basic models that already include mechanical switches that we recommend include products like Gamdias Hermes E2, NS Gigabyte Force K83, fitted with a Cherry MX Blue switch, Sharkoon PureWriter RGBcom or switch kaleh blu, or cougar purée With Cherry MX Blue and Sharkoon PureWriter TKL RGB, with Kailh Red Key, all in the range of R$200 to R$300. Another related model, with a starting price of R$300, is Cooler Master CK351, which brings optical switch technology.

Mechanical gaming keyboard Gamdias Hermes E2 – 219.90 Brazilian Real
Mechanical gaming keyboard Gigabyte Force K83 – 24,990 Brazilian riyals
Mechanical gaming keyboard Sharkoon PureWriter RGB – 28,990 Brazilian riyals
Mechanical gaming keyboard cougar purée – 552.41 Brazilian riyals
Mechanical gaming keyboard Sharkoon PureWriter TKL RGB – 27,990 Brazilian riyals
Optical mechanical gaming keyboard Cooler Master CK351 – 299.00 BRL

Now with the headphones theme we have expensive input options like Pirate HS35 it’s the Share B1With budgets less than 200 Brazilian riyals. And with a slightly higher budget, we now have models with Cougar VM410 PSOh Logitech G332 it’s the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core. For those on a more robust budget, options like Razr BlackShark V2 Pro. we have the Cloud Stinger Wireless, Corsair Void Elite Wireless as well Logitech G935.

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– Headphone player Corsair Stereo HS35 – 199.90 BRL
– Headphone player Share B1 – 199.90 BRL
– Headphone player Logitech G332 – 32,990 Brazilian riyals
– Headphone player HyperX Cloud Stinger Core – 44,990 Brazilian riyals
Wireless Headset Razer BlackShark V2 Pro – 1.654.90 Brazilian Real
– Headphone player Hyperx Cloud Stinger – 555,55 BRL
Wireless Headset Corsair Bag Elite Wireless – 59,990 Brazilian riyals
– Headphone player Logitech G935 – 1.163,17 BRL

I hope this guide helped you as a quick reference where to start, and during Black Friday you won’t be alone! We’ll take many lives, watch the shows that come in, and interact with the chat audience. Bring your question to us or share your questionable promo if it’s worth it!

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