June 18, 2024

Body parts of a hunter found inside two crocodiles

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Body parts of a hunter found inside two crocodiles

on the right is the victim with a fish he has caught; On the left is a picture of two crocodiles fighting, which he recorded and published days before his death Photo: Reproduction/Facebook -Kevin Darmody

The body parts of a man hunting with two friends in the Australian marshes last weekend were found inside two crocodiles, police officials said.

Kevin Darmody, 65, went missing around 3:30pm on Saturday (29th) and has not been seen since. According to information from the New York Post, he was caught after this time by reptiles at Kennedy Bend, a saltwater river teeming with barramundi as well as hungry crocodiles.

After two days of searching, the two animals were spotted about a kilometer away from where the victim was last seen. After being caught, the crocodiles were cut open in the same place and parts of Kevin’s body were in their stomachs.

It is believed that Kevin was caught by animals when he approached the water’s edge to get some bait. Although no one witnessed the attack, people nearby reported hearing loud screams and the sound of splashing water, and Darmody’s slippers were later found on the riverbank.

“He was such a lovely guy. A very friendly and talkative guy,” fellow fisherman Bart Harrison told ABC Far North. (With info from the New York Post)

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