February 20, 2024

Brazil defeats Slovenia in the Nations League comeback (VNL)

Brazil played one more match in the men’s volleyball VNL Nations League and added another round win in the tournament. The Brazilian team defeated the Slovenian team in three sets to 1 (23/25, 25/21, 26/24 and 25/21) on Saturday (24). Brazil’s dedication to seeking all the points resulted in several important defenses and accurate attacks. This is only the second defeat for the Slovenian national team throughout the tournament, which came on an almost undefeated road.
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(Disclosure / VNL)

The first group

The first set started very evenly. Teams have changed hands at all times leading the scoreboard, which has remained tight most of the time. With a varied performance by Lucarelli providing a variety of attacks in attack, Brazil continued to perform well until the last points. However, it was Slovenia who managed to close out the group at 25-23 after winning on two straight points.

(Disclosure / VNL)

the second group

Despite the narrow result, the second set was important for the Brazilian team’s confidence boost. The team started to force serve and achieved good results. Another highlight was the interaction of Bruninho, the Brazilian batsman and captain, with pointers and linebackers. Accurate passing and well-designed plays were essential to injuring the Slovenians and securing points for Brazil. Despite trying to keep up with the opponents, the European team was unable to stop the attacks. However, there were some receiving and offensive errors that stunted their growth in the game. Therefore, the second set ended with 25 to 20 for the green and yellow team.

The third group

It was Brazil who opened the third group of this game for the League of Nations (VNL), but soon Slovenia returned to show again the balance of the game. Up to 15 points, the teams constantly take turns at the top of the scoreboard. Brazil then opened two points under the opposition, 20 to 18, but was quickly reached. With a tie at 24 points, Alan sent the counter at a speed of 124 km / h and hit the ace at the right time. Subsequently, he was also responsible for grounding the ball in the next attack and winning the set for Brazil.

Fourth group

Group D was tense for Brazil. While Slovenia was looking to survive the game, Brazil wanted to finish the game and achieve victory. In another contested group, Brazil was only able to stand out after 18 points, when it managed a two-point advantage. After that moment, the team maintained its good performance and reached 24 points from the match point, with a difference of 4 points. Finally, the one who ended the match in favor of Brazil was central Ottavio, with a side kick.

(Disclosure / VNL)

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Lucarelli and Alan were Brazil’s top scorers, with 19 points each. In all, there were 66 successful attacks for Brazil to 54 from the opposition. However, the biggest difference was due to errors. While Slovenia committed 31 errors, and Brazil committed itself to nine fewer points, which are important points to secure the victory.

the next

Tomorrow (25), the Brazilian national team will face France in the fourth and final match of the second round of the Nations League (VNL). The match will be held on the opponent’s ground in Orleans at 12:30 pm (Brasilia time) and will be broadcast by Sport TV. Should they win, Brazil will have a 75% advantage at this point, having also beaten Bulgaria 3-0, but suffered a 2-3 defeat of Japan.