February 28, 2024
Brazil imposes itself in the rhythm of Carroll and defeats Poland in the league |  volleyball

Brazil imposes itself in the rhythm of Carroll and defeats Poland in the league | volleyball

The numbers may even indicate an easy path. It wasn’t quite the case. In their second match in the League of Nations, Brazil had some difficulties against Poland. But, efficiently and under the brilliance of Carroll, Jose Roberto Guimarães’ team knew how to establish itself in Shreveport-Bossier City, USA. In 3 sets to 0, the 25/23, 25/21 and 25/22 segment dominated the competitors and secured another victory in the competition.

Best Moments: Poland 0 x 3 Brazil, Women's Volleyball Nations League

Best Moments: Poland 0 x 3 Brazil, Women’s Volleyball Nations League

The team returns to court on Friday. At 19:00, the team faces the Dominican Republic again in the United States. sportv2 broadcasts the match live, and General Electric Tracks everything in real time.

Carroll celebrates during a match against Poland – Photo: FIVB

Carol was the big name for the game on Thursday. As for the prominent central player in blocking, he grew during the match in attacking and serving as well, in addition to leading the team on the field. He finished with 15 points in total, seven of which were banned, according to the IAAF. However, it wasn’t the only thing. And Lorient, with nine points, in addition to Diana and Julia Bergman, eight, also played an important role in the victory over the Poles.

On the other hand, it was Gorica, with 11 points, who got the Brazilian team the most trouble. Lukasek and Greca, with 10 each, also made it difficult for Brazil on the field.

Group A – Brazil responded at the end and starts at the front

In the beginning, balance. The two teams exchanged points early. But Brazil benefited from Carroll’s hand. By erecting a wall in the middle, the center made the selection score 11/10. This was the player’s fourth point on the grounds in that start alone. Poland even went for it, but Roberto’s costume selection hit his first technical stopping point: 12/11.

Contrary to the start, the Brazilian pass proved a little unstable. During the first set, the Polish serve was always with Brie Darrowt in line. This is how the competitors took the lead in the final stage of the group, with 21 to 20 counting. In the sequence, the European team expanded, and Roberto’s costume asked for time. I passed. With Kareena entering the serve and after two blocks in a row, with Diana and Lauren, the Brazilian national team regained the lead. Lavarini still tried to hit the house on the other side, but that didn’t help. Diana closed the account with an attack by the middle: 25/23.

Makris vs Poland – Photo: FIVB / Disclosure

Group B – Brazil left behind, but consolidated the lead

The start of the second set was not the best. Poland forced the transmission and wreaked havoc on the Brazilian reception. So, it’s easy, open 7 to 2 on the scoreboard. Gradually, however, Z Roberto’s team made it right onto the field. By force, he was looking for a tie at 12/12, partial counterbalance.

But Poland took the lead again. With one hit, Rozansky filled his arm and opened 19/17. Brazil went to look for him again. A block from Carol caused the selection to leave everything the same at 19/19. Karina, as in the first group, entered and began to make the difference in serving. This was how the ball came clean back to the Brazilian side, opening space for Diana to score 21/20. From there, the road was open for selection to partially close on 25/21.

Pri Daroit attacks against the Polish blockade – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

Group C – Under Carroll’s glare, Brazil secured victory

Brazil, then, wanted to speed up. To secure victory, open the scoreboard from the start. Throughout the set, Lavarini’s team tried as much as possible to respond. In the last stage, even in the midst of several errors, he even managed to threaten Brazil’s dominance of the match. But Carroll, the team’s great name throughout the game, went ahead and led the team to victory: 25/22.